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44rd Annual Family Medicine Refresher Course
Home - 44rd Annual Family Medicine Refresher Course

44rd Annual Family Medicine Refresher Course

Thurday Documents:

Neuropathic Pain Dr. J. Vella

Selected Dermatologic Conditions in Pediatrics Dr. Farah

Pre-Op Evaluation Dr. Steinberg

Pediatric Emergency Medicine: 25 Years of Advances Dr. Cantor

Decision Making Capacity in Clinical Practice Dr. Knoll

SAMS Workshop: Hospital Medicine Dr. Kernan

Small Group Session: Sports Medicine Dr. Matuszak

Small Group Session: Hospital Medicine Dr. Pohar

Small Group Session: OB/GYN Dr. Hoag

Small Group Session: Surgery Dr. McNamara

Afternoon Session: Case Study in Women's Health Dr. McCaul

Afternoon Session: Physical Exam for Concussions Dr. Matuszak

Afternoon Session: RMED Workshop Dr. Greenwald


Friday Documents:

Hypertension JNC-8 Dr. Cummings

Benign and Malignant Breast Disease: An Update for the Primary Care Provider Dr. Kort

Depression Dr. L.Read Sulik

WIN: Wellness and INtegrative Medicine: Keys to Contentment and Peace Dr. Nanavati

The Cardiac Preparticipation Examination: What You Don't Want to Miss Dr. O'Connor

SAMS Workshop Dr. Kernan

Small Group Session: Geriatrics Dr. Shawl

Small Group Session: Psychiatry Dr. L.Read Sulik

Small Group Session: Integrative Medicine Dr. Nanavati

Small Group Session: Osteopathic Medicine Dr. Filipski

Afternoon Session: SUNY Clerkship Topics Drs. LaClair/Gehring

Afternoon Session: EKG Cases Dr. Ehrich

Afternoon Session: Orthopedic Exam-Shoulder and Knee Dr. Smart


Saturday Documents:

Headache Management Dr. Cobb

Safe Prescribing of Opioids Dr. David

Anxiety Dr. L. Read Sulik

Pediatric Orthopedics: What the Family Physician Needs to Know Dr. O'Connor