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Orthopedist Offers Tips for Preventing Shoulder Injuries
Americans Growing More Concerned About Head Injuries in Football
Any Exercise Is Good, But Higher-Intensity May Be Better
Athletes Need to Guard Against Skin Woes
Banning Soccer 'Headers' Won't Solve Concussion Problem: Study
Catcher Injuries Aren't Usually the Result of Collisions
College Football Player's Autopsy May Offer Clues to Brain Trauma
College Football Players Score More Injuries at Exam Time
Doctors Often Flub Achilles Tendon Diagnosis, Review Finds
Ease Back Into Springtime Sports, Doctor Cautions
Endurance Athletes Should Only Drink When Thirsty, Experts Say
Excessive Sports Training Hurts Kids, Expert Warns
Exercise May Boost Size of Some Brain Regions
Expert Tips for Preventing Kids' Sports Injuries
Extreme Exercising Can Lead to Blood Poisoning, Study Reveals
Faster, Taller Youth League Pitchers May Face Greater Risk of Injury
Fit at 50? Cardiac Arrest During Exercise Unlikely, Study Finds
Football Great Frank Gifford Had Brain Disease
Football Leads in College Sports Injuries, But Wrestling Most Dangerous
For a Better Calorie Burn, Adjust Your Speed While Walking
For Safety's Sake: A Young Star Player Quits Pro Football...
Gender Doesn't Influence Hamstring Strain Recovery Time
Helping Student-Athletes With Mental Health Issues
High School Football Players May Be at Doubled Risk of Migraine
Hitting the Slopes? Here's How to Have Fun and Stay Safe
How You Can Protect Your Children From Brain Injury
Illegal Hits Play Big Role in Youth Ice Hockey Concussions: Study
Keep Safety in Mind When Skateboarding
Limiting Innings Pitched Doesn't Prevent Injuries: Study
Limiting Tackling Limits Concussions: Study
Long-Distance Running Takes Toll on Joints, But It May Be Temporary
Many Young Football Players Get Concussions at Practice, Study Says
Mixed Martial Arts Fighters May Go to Dangerous Lengths to Shed Pounds
Mixed Martial Arts Injuries Less Serious Than Those From Boxing: Study
More Teen Athletes Undergoing Tommy John Elbow Surgery: Study
Muscle Strength Helps Baseball Pitchers Avoid Injury
New Advisory Says Some Athletes With Heart Conditions OK to Play
New 'Collar' Aims to Help Shield Brain From Concussion
NFL Linemen Keep Growing, Putting Their Health at Risk, Experts Say
Overuse Injuries More Common in High School Females
Parents' Attitude May Be Key to Pre-Game Jitters in Kids
Preteen Football Tied to Brain Changes in Retired NFL Players: Study
Protective Eyewear in Girls' Field Hockey Means Fewer Injuries
Rugby Player's Head Injuries Linked to Brain Decline
Safe Tackling OK in Youth Football, Pediatricians' Group Says
Safety Add-Ons for Football Helmets May Not Cut Concussion Risk
Safety Tips for Water Skiing and Wake Boarding
School Coaches Often Ill-Equipped to Spot, Manage Concussions
Second 'Tommy John' Surgery Is No Win for Pitchers
Should Tackling Be Banned From Youth Football?
Sports Medicine Docs Offer Safety Tips for Young Athletes
Stiff Shoulder No Reason to Delay Rotator Cuff Surgery: Study
'Tennis Elbow' Usually Heals Without Therapy, Study Finds
Tips for Safe Snow Fun
Tracking Brain Blood Flow May Help Predict Concussion Outcomes
When to Ice, When to Heat
Why You Need Flexibility Exercises
Year-Round Baseball Leads to More Youth Injuries, Study Says
Young People At Risk of Second Injury After Knee Surgery
Young Pitchers Often Pressured to Play Despite Pain, Study Says
Health Tip: Add Exercise to Your Family's Regular Routine
Health Tip: Ask Questions Before You Start Exercising
Health Tip: Considering Circuit Training
Health Tip: Get Stretching
Health Tip: Pick Up a Jump Rope For Fitness
Health Tip: Rake Leaves Safely
Health Tip: Squeeze in a 30-Minute Workout
Health Tip: Start a Group Training Session
Health Tip: Vary Your Exercise Regimen
Exercise Benefits People With Parkinson's Disease: Study
Health Tip: Are You at Risk for Hip Strain?
Health Tip: Athletes Are at Risk for Skin Problems
Health Tip: Avoiding the Weight-Loss Rollercoaster
Health Tip: Be a Healthier Family
Health Tip: Diabetics Who Compete
Health Tip: Exercise Your Knees After Injury
Health Tip: Exercising as a Senior
Health Tip: Exercising Despite Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Health Tip: Exercising Indoors
Health Tip: Find Time to Stretch
Health Tip: Get Active Indoors
Health Tip: Getting Nutrition on the Go
Health Tip: Kick Off Your Exercise Program
Health Tip: Looking for an Exercise Product?
Health Tip: Preventing Sprains and Strains
Health Tip: Reward Yourself for Reaching Fitness Goal
Health Tip: Snack After Sports
Health Tip: Vary Your Exercise Routine
Health Tip: Vegetarian Athletes Need Plenty of Protein
Too Much TV Time Tied to Higher Odds for Blood Clot in Lung: Study
2-Minute Walk Every Hour May Help Offset Effects of Sitting
5 Tips to Help Make New Year's Resolutions Stick
Achilles Tendon Can Handle Downhill Running: Study
Active As Teen, Free of Diabetes In Later Life?
Activity Improves Survival for Those With Implanted Defibrillators
Americans' Blood Triglyceride Levels Dropping: CDC
As the Weather Warms, Avoid Gardening's Pitfalls
At-Home Walks Help Those With Clogged Leg Arteries Stay Mobile
Average New Yorker Sits 7 Hours Each Day: Study
Be a Responsible Camper
Being 'Fat But Fit' Won't Cut Your Risk of Premature Death
Bike Helmets Protect Against Severe Brain Injury, Study Says
Biking, Walking to Work Can Help Shed Pounds
Brain Gains for Older Adults Who Start Exercising
Breast Concerns May Sideline Many Teen Girls From Sports
Breath-Holding Games Are Killing Swimmers, CDC Warns
Bullied Teens Who Exercise May Lower Suicide Risk, Study Finds
Carbs Fuel Long Runs: Study
Child Care Centers Offering Too Little Outdoor Time
Clubs, Adult Support Can Help Kids Stay Slim
Coils in Lungs Might Boost Ability to Exercise With Emphysema
Concussions Are Biggest Health Risk to Cheerleaders
COPD Patients Less Active, Which Can Worsen Outcomes
Could Football Practices Without Helmets Help Prevent Concussions?
Could Your Smartphone Help Boost Your Heart Health?
Diabetes Rates Fall in Neighborhoods With Healthy Food, Parks and Gyms
Diet and Exercise Benefit People With Heart Failure
Diet and Exercise May Not Stave Off Age-Related Muscle Loss
Do Sporty Teen Girls Live Longer, Healthier Lives?
Easing Depression May Boost Heart Health, Study Finds
Easter Doesn't Have to Be a Diet Disaster
Endurance Athletes May Pay Physical Price
Even Easy Exercise May Lower Blood Pressure in Those With Diabetes
Even Elite Athletes May Have Heart Abnormalities
Even in Later Life, Exercise Seems to Pay Dividends
Even Light Activity Can Boost Seniors' Health
Even Short Bouts of Activity May Help Kids' Health
Excess Weight Linked to Brain Cancer Risk in Study
Exercise Appears Safe, Helpful for Pulmonary Hypertension
Exercise Beneficial Even in Polluted Air: Study
Exercise Best Bet Against Diabetes for College Graduates
Exercise Boosts Obese Kids' Heart Health
Exercise Can Cut Risk of Pregnancy-Related Diabetes: Study
Exercise Can Reduce Heart Failure Risk, No Matter Your Age
Exercise Eases Low Back Pain
Exercise Has Its Limits for Losing Weight, Study Finds
Exercise May Be Good Medicine for Irregular Heartbeat
Exercise May Blunt a Woman's Risk of Lung and Breast Cancer: Studies
Exercise May Buffer Symptoms of Early Alzheimer's
Exercise May Have Benefits Beyond Fitness in Type 2 Diabetes
Exercise May Help Keep an Aging Mind Agile
Exercise May Help Kids With Multiple Sclerosis
Exercise May Help Prevent Pregnancy-Linked Pelvic Pain
Exercise May Lower Heart Disease Risk in Depressed People: Study
Exercise May Prevent Harmful Falls in Men
Exercise Might Boost Mental Function in People With Schizophrenia
Exercise Might Help His Sex Life
Exercise Regularly and Your Heart Will Thank You
Exercise to Boost Spine Muscles Can Ease Back Pain, Study Suggests
Exercise, But Not Vitamin D, Cuts Injuries From Falls in Older Women: Study
Exercise, Games, Puzzles Don't Prevent Signs of Alzheimer's in the Brain: Study
Exercise, Supplements Like Fish Oil Won't Keep Elderly Sharper: Studies
Exercise's Effect on Brain May Boost Mobility in Old Age
Expectant Mothers' Lifestyle May Influence Child's Later Weight
Experts Offer Diving Safety Tips
Experts Pan Gene Testing of Budding Athletes
Extracurricular Sports May Give Kids' Academics a Boost
Fidgeting Might Be Good for Your Health
Fit Body at 40 May Keep Brain Bright at 60
Fitness Could Raise Survival After First Heart Attack
Fitness in Youth Can Pay Off Decades Later: Study
Fitness May Help Lower Odds for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Gentle Yoga Safe in Late Pregnancy, Small Study Suggests
Go Take a Hike -- Safely
Good Heart Health May Help Stave Off Dementia, Study Says
Health Tip: Avoiding Overuse Injury
Health Tip: Benefits From Proper Diet and Exercise
Health Tip: Conquering Exercise Saboteurs
Health Tip: Discourage Too Much Screen Time
Health Tip: Encourage Kids to Stay Active
Health Tip: Exercise Boosts Heart Health
Health Tip: Exercising Safely in Cold Weather
Health Tip: Exercising With Diabetes
Health Tip: Exercising With Heart Problems
Health Tip: Exercising With Knee Problems
Health Tip: Finding Time for Exercise
Health Tip: Gear up for Sports
Health Tip: Get Active During Summer
Health Tip: Giving Toddlers Needed Playtime
Health Tip: Keep Kids Active
Health Tip: Keeping Diabetes in Check During the Holidays
Health Tip: Promote Healthy Habits During Meals
Health Tip: Strengthen Your Child's Hands
Health Tip: Use Caution When Exercising in Hot Weather
Health Tip: Using Technology to Get Fit
Healthier Diets May Be Cutting Heart, Diabetes Risks in U.S. Teens
Healthy Holiday Substitutions Can Help Your Heart
Healthy Lifestyle May Boost Colon Cancer Survival
Healthy Lifestyle May Guard Against Dementia
How Safe Is Exercise for Those With Common Irregular Heartbeat?
How to Clear Snow Without Getting Hurt
Keeping Fit May Halve Seniors' Heart Failure Risk
Kids May Be More Likely to Exercise When Friends Do
Light Activity a Boost to Seniors' Hearts
Long-Distance Runners May Have More 'Desirable' Genes: Study
Midlife Fitness May Be a Real Cancer Fighter for Men
Moderate Exercise May Reduce Men's Heart Failure Risk
Mom-to-Be's Smoking Tied to Poorer Fitness in Sons
More Evidence That Even 'Moderate' Exercise Helps Women's Hearts
More Exercise = More Fat Loss for Older Women, Study Finds
More High School Athletes Using 'Dip' and 'Chew,' CDC Finds
Most Physical Activity Helps You Sleep Better
Most Teens' Physical Activity Occurs at School
Motorized Stationary Bike May Help With Stroke Rehabilitation
Mountain Biker Survives After Neck Impaled by Tree Branch
Move More to Prevent Heart Failure
Nation's Capital Named 'Fittest City' in U.S.
Natural Surroundings May Promote Sound Sleep
New U.S. Dietary Guidelines: Limit Sugar and Salt, Boost Fruit and Veggie Intake
Office Workers, On Your Feet!
Out-of-Shape Teens May Face High Blood Pressure Later
Parents Should Set Good Example to Keep Kids Slim, Pediatrics Group Says
Parents, Stop Hovering: 'Risky' Play May Have Benefits for Kids
Physical Fitness Linked to Mental Fitness in Seniors
Pregnant and Got the Blues? Get More Exercise to Protect Your Health
Preschoolers Get Too Little Physical Activity in Child Care
Regular, Vigorous Exercise May Lengthen Your Life: Study
Rugby Takes Toll on Spine, Scans Show
Schools Must Do More to Combat Obesity Among Hispanic Kids: Report
School's Out, Fattening Behaviors Are In
Sedentary Behavior Linked to Heart Disease in Hispanics
Short Bursts of Intense Exercise Might Benefit Type 2 Diabetics
Short Bursts of Intense Exercise Seems Good for Teen Hearts: Study
Short, Intense Workouts May Help Hearts of Type 2 Diabetics
Should Older Runners Embrace the 'Barefoot' Craze?
Sitting for Hours May Raise Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Some Steps to Help Protect Yourself From Cancer
Stand, Don't Sit, to Get Healthier, Researchers Say
'Standing Desks' in Classrooms May Kickstart Kids' Activity
Start Your Hike on the Right Foot With Proper Footwear
Stay Safe When Temperatures Rise
Staying Fit May Delay Onset of High Cholesterol, Study Finds
Stomach Bug Traced to Swimming in Contaminated Lake Water
Strengthening Hip Muscles May Ease Calf Pain From Blood Vessel Disease
Stress May Undermine Heart Benefits of Exercise
Strong Legs Linked to Strong Mind
Study Questions Benefits of Treadmill Desks
Study Questions Findings That Prolonged Sitting Is Unhealthy
Study Questions Value of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery for Older Patients
Summer Beach Time Means Water Safety
Surf's Up. Be Safe
Sweat to Help Reduce Your Risk for Prostate Cancer
Tai Chi Might Help People With Long-Term Health Conditions
Targeted Workouts May Strengthen Men's Bones in Middle Age
Test Endurance Athletes for Heart Woes While They Exercise: Study
The Dreaded 'Dad Bod' Is Real
The Physically Active Less Prone to Post-Heart Attack Depression
Think Genes Drive Obesity? You May Eat Less Healthy
Thinking About a Pool? Think About Safety
Time Spent Sitting May Not Affect Diet, Study Suggests
To Protect Your Aging Brain, Start With Exercise
Too Many Pregnant Women Gain Too Much Weight: Doctors' Group
Too Much Sitting May Raise a Woman's Cancer Risk: Study
Too Much TV While Younger May Hamper Middle-Aged Brain
Too Much TV, Too Little Exercise When Young May Hasten Mental Decline Later
Too Sedentary? There's an App for That
U.S. Bike Deaths Fall for Kids, But Rise for Adults
'Walkable' Neighborhoods Boost Heart Health, Studies Find
Walking Boosts Outcomes for Prostate Cancer Survivors
Watch Out for Distracted Walkers
Weight Loss Fights Liver Condition, No Matter How It's Done
Weight Training's Benefits May Depend on Genetics
Weight, Exercise May Affect Children's Thinking Skills
When One Spouse Exercises, the Other May Start, Too
Whistle … and Walk … While You Work
Why Heart Failure Patients Often Get Too Little Exercise
Yoga Gaining in Popularity Among Americans
Yoga May Boost Quality of Life for Prostate Cancer Patients
Yoga May Help Ease Depression in Pregnant Women
Your Heart Is Likely 'Older' Than You Are
Zip Line Injuries on the Rise
After Concussion Symptoms Fade, Slowed Blood Flow in Brain May Persist
Brain Injury Linked to Raised Risk of Road Rage
Brain Scans May Reveal Which Coma Patients Will Recover
Concussion May Hurt School Performance for a While
Concussion Recovery May Be Delayed in Older Adults
Playing Contact Sports in Youth May Raise Risk for Degenerative Brain Disease
Scans Show Many Injured U.S. Vets May Have Brain 'Scarring'
Serious Concussions Linked to Memory Problems in Retired NFL Players
Slight Signs of Lingering Brain Damage Seen in Young Athletes After Concussion
Study Finds Blood Test May Detect Concussion in Kids
Study Links Concussion to Higher Risk of Later Suicide
Women's Brains May Have Tougher Time Recovering From Concussion