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Health Tip: Help Prevent Sports Injuries
Mouthguard a Key Defense Against Sports-Related Injuries
20 Percent of U.S. Teens May Have Had a Concussion
ACL Surgery Usually Puts Athletes Back in Play: Study
ACL Tears on the Rise Among Kids, Especially Girls
Americans Want to Be Fit, But Most Don't Put in the Effort
Athletes Can Be Champs at Fighting Skin Infections
Athletes With ADHD Favor Team Competition
Boxers, MMA Fighters May Face Long-Term Harm to Brain: Study
Brain Changes Seen in Kids After One Season of Football
Brain Harm May Last Long After College Football Players' Final Game
College Students Seem to Take Longer to Recover From Concussion
Compression Tights Won't Trim Running Times
Death Risk From Triathlons May Be Higher Than Thought
Don't Let Your Kids Get Sidelined With Sports-Related Infections
Early Rotator Cuff Surgery Helps Return to Activity
Elite Runners, Women the First Marathoners to Lose to Father Time
Exercise May Help Black Americans Lower Blood Pressure Risk
Football Fans Still Loyal Despite Concerns About Players' Brains
For Men, Fitness Can Often Last a Lifetime
Hate to Work Out? Your DNA May Be to Blame
'Heading' Soccer Ball Not Smart for the Brain
'Heads Up' Football Program Tackles Concussion Danger in Kids
High-Intensity Exercise May Be Bad for the Bowels
High-Mileage Runners Expend Less Energy
Hockey Viewers' Hearts May Pay a Penalty
How Doctors Decide to Treat a Ruptured Achilles
How to Exercise Safely in Smog
Injury Risk May Rise When Kids Play Just One Sport
Jet Lag a Drag on Pro Baseball Players
Joints That Make Those Popping or Cracking Sounds
Low Back Pain Common Among Kids
Lower Back Injuries Plague Many Athletes
Marathon Running May Cause Short-Term Kidney Injury
Marching Band Members Can Use a Physical Tuneup
More Evidence Contact Sports Can Affect the Brain
'Off-Roading' Threat May Lurk in the Air
Ouch! How to Tell If You Have a Sprain, a Strain or a Tear
Paintball Causes Many Vision-Robbing Eye Injuries
Pediatricians Offer Heads-Up for Preventing Soccer Injuries
Pediatricians Sound Alarm on Rapid Weight Changes in Young Athletes
Pint-Sized Football Players Still at Risk for Injuries
Protein at All 3 Meals May Help Preserve Seniors' Strength
Serious Yoga Injuries, Though Rare, Are on the Rise
Small Study Uncovers Brain Disease in Former Soccer Players
State Laws Help Reduce Concussions in Youth Sports
Student-Athletes Don't Have to Be Hit By Injuries
Study Finds Worrisome Heart Effects Among Some Football Players
Surgery for ACL Tear Often Successful Over Long Term
This Mistake Can Cost Athletes' Lives in Cardiac Arrest
Water Outperforms Sports Drinks for Young Athletes
Water: Can It Be Too Much of a Good Thing?
Which High School Sport Has the Most Concussions?
Winter's No Reason to Hibernate: Head Outside for Some Sports Fun
7 Common Exercise Errors
Can't Get to the Gym? Work Out in Your Office!
Choosing a Gym: Exercise Your Options
Choosing a Personal Trainer
Exercise Guidelines: How Much Is Enough?
Get Out There and Exercise
Getting Back on Track With Exercise
Got 10 Minutes to Spare?
Health Tip: Does Exercise Feel Like Work?
Health Tip: Enjoy an Active Holiday Season
Health Tip: Exercising With Arthritis
Health Tip: Get Active With a Jump Rope
Health Tip: Get Fit Without the Gym
Health Tip: Logging Your Exercise
Health Tip: Maintain Posture for Step Training
Health Tip: Make Exercise a Habit
Health Tip: Make Time for Strength Training
Health Tip: Set Good Habits for Exercise
Health Tip: Staying Healthy May Not Be Costly
Health Tip: Step Training
Make Exercise a Work-in-Progress
Over-Planning Can Take the Fun Out of Leisure Time
Styling a Home Gym
Take the (Exercise) Plunge
Time to Take Your Workouts Outside
Try This Workout at Home
Walking vs. Running -- Which Is Better?
What Is 'Moderate' Exercise Anyway?
Working Workouts Into Your Life
A 3x10 Exercise Plan That'll Work for You
Are U.S. Teens Now as Inactive as 60-Year-Olds?
Dialysis Patients May Walk Their Way to Better Health
Don't Sweat It: Gender Doesn't Dictate Perspiration Rate
Exercise Can Keep Obese Seniors on the Go
Exercise Not Making Dent in Most Seniors' Down Time
Exercising Safely With Diabetes
Friendly Competition on Social Media May Get You to the Gym
Genes May Dictate Your Love -- or Hate -- of Exercise
Getting Fit as a Family
Golfing and Gardening Your Way to Fitness
Health Tip: Become an Active Family
Health Tip: Cold-Weather Workouts
Health Tip: Create a Food-and-Activity Journal
Health Tip: Don't Fall for Exercise Myths
Health Tip: Don't Fear Strength Training
Health Tip: Don't Let Boredom Thwart Your Workout
Health Tip: Don't Let Your Workout Get Stale
Health Tip: Don't Nullify Your Workout
Health Tip: Enjoy an Active Autumn
Health Tip: Exercise Boosts Brain Metabolism
Health Tip: Exercise Can Be a Brain-Booster
Health Tip: Exercise During Menopause
Health Tip: Exercise to Manage Knee Pain
Health Tip: Fueling Your Body With Protein
Health Tip: Getting Enough Hard Exercise
Health Tip: Give Your Kids Bone-Building Food
Health Tip: Maximizing Your Workout
Health Tip: Reap the Benefits of Intense Exercise
Health Tip: Stay Safe During Winter Sports
Health Tip: Strength Training Is For Seniors, Too
Health Tip: Too Much Exercise Isn't Good Either
Health Tip: Using a Fitness Tracker
Health Tip: Using a Stability Ball
Health Tip: Vary Your Workout Routine
Health Tip: Warm Up Before You Work Out
How to Start a Walking Plan
Pokemon Go, Pokemon Gone
Stretches: The Forgotten Exercise
Supercharging Exercise With Interval Training
The Body Benefits of Pilates
The Truth About Exercise and Calorie Burn
When It Comes to Exercise, Quality Trumps Quantity
Working Out? Don't Bring Your Cellphone
10 Minutes of Sweat a Day Helps Kids' Hearts
3 Factors That Could Raise Your Risk of Bloodstream Infection
3 Key Lifestyle Factors Can Lower Breast Cancer Odds
5 Ways Women Can Cut Their Heart Attack Risk
6 Out of 7 Possible Concussions May Have Been Missed in 2014 World Cup
Adults Who Love Exercise May Gain 9 'Biological' Years
Aerobic Exercise May Help Guard Against Dementia
An 'Active' Workstation Won't Lower Your Job Performance
Anabolic Steroids May Tax the Heart
Angela Bassett Puts the Spotlight on Heart Health
As Many as 1 in 3 Experience New or Worse Pain With Yoga
Astronauts' Blood Vessels Less Efficient on Long Missions: Study
Bike Fanatics Shouldn't Worry About Effects on Sexual Health
Boys More Likely to Hide a Concussion Than Girls
Breast-Feeding Lowers Mom's Breast Cancer Risk: Study
Brisk Walk May Help Sidestep Heart Disease
Childhood Asthma May Encourage Obesity, Study Suggests
Combined MRI Might Help Predict Brain Damage in Boxers
Community Intervention May Aid Fight Against Childhood Obesity
Concussions More Likely in Female Athletes
'Couch Potatoes' May Face Higher Risk of Kidney, Bladder Cancers
Could Big Lifestyle Changes Be Key to Managing Type 2 Diabetes?
Could Too Much Exercise Be Bad for Men's Hearts?
Daily Can of Soda Boosts Odds for Prediabetes, Study Finds
Dance Your Way to a Healthier Aging Brain
DNA Isn't Destiny: Healthy Living Can Overcome Genes Linked to Heart Disease
Do Marathons' Road Closures Lead to More Local Deaths?
Docs Should Counsel Even Healthy People on Diet, Exercise, Experts Say
Doctors Should Counsel Even Low-Risk Patients on Heart Health
Does Santa's Diet, Lifestyle Earn Him a Stocking Full of Coal?
Don't Bank on Heart-Rate Accuracy From Your Activity Tracker
Don't Get Stuffed on Thanksgiving
Don't Let Your Garden Get You Down
Downside to Exercise for City Kids: More Pollution
Drowning Can Occur Hours After Swimming
ER Doctor Offers Tips for Safer Snow Shoveling
Even a Little Daily Activity May Boost Colon Cancer Survival: Study
Even a Little Exercise Can Help With Arthritis, Study Says
Even a Little More Activity Could Save Millions of Lives
Even a Little Walking Can Lengthen Your Life
Exercise a Great Prescription to Help Older Hearts
Exercise a Powerful Ally for Breast Cancer Survivors
Exercise and Vitamin D: A Heart-Healthy Combo
Exercise Beats Weight Loss at Helping Seniors' Hearts
Exercise Benefits Aging Hearts, Even Those of the Obese
Exercise Good for Cancer Patients During, After Treatment
Exercise Helps Counter Cancer-Linked Fatigue
Exercise May Be Real Medicine for Parkinson's Disease
Exercise May Stem Kidney Damage in Lupus Patients
Exercise Rates Often Decline After Cancer Diagnosis
Exercise, Not Vitamin D, Recommended to Prevent Falls
Exercise: An Antidote for Behavioral Issues in Students?
Exercise: The Cellular 'Fountain of Youth'
Exercisers May Have Better Shot of Surviving Heart Attack
Exercising 2.5 Hours a Week May Slow Parkinson's Progression
Exercising With Asthma or Allergies
Fido May Be a Fit Senior's Best Friend
Fitbits, Other Trackers May Be Unfit to Measure Heart Rate
Fitness, Not Fat, Is Key to Post-Stroke Recovery
Fitter Seniors May Have Healthier Brains
Flip-flops: Fun in the Sun, but Tough on Feet
Focus on Just One Sport Can Mean Stress for Girls
For City Kids With Asthma, Nearby Green Space Is Key
For Ice Skating, Sharpen Up on Safety
For Kids, Regular Exercise Seems to Put Depression on the Run
For Stroke Survivors, Exercise Is Good for the Brain: Review
Force, Frequency of Head Hits Jump as Young Football Players Get Older
Give Dad the Gift of Health on Father's Day
Good Diet, Exercise While Pregnant Could Cut C-section Risk
Good Lifestyle Choices Add Years to Your Life
Guided Exercise May Help Chronic Fatigue Patients: Study
Gym Membership Makes Your Heart Fitter, Too
Have Americans Given Up on Losing Weight?
Head for the Hills With Sled Safety in Mind
Health Tip: 5 Suggestions to Promote Healthy Aging
Health Tip: Diet and Activity May Help Prevent Cancer
Health Tip: Get Moving and Stay Active
Health Tip: Get Moving Toward a Healthier You
Health Tip: Planning Your Walking Workout
Here's the Recipe to Keep Colon Cancer at Bay
How to Prevent Future Couch Potatoes
Icy Slurry May Be Best Way to Hydrate in Extreme Heat: Study
Implantable Defibrillator May Not Mean End to Sports
Intensive Treatment Shows Potential Against Type 2 Diabetes
Is Running Bad for Your Knees?
Just 2 Weeks on the Couch Can Trigger Body's Decline
Just Thinking You're Less Active May Shorten Your Life
Kids Start Moving Less After Age 7, Study Finds
Lack of Exercise Might Invite Dementia
Leg Pain When Walking: Talk to Your Doctor
Lifestyle Changes Might Prevent or Slow Dementia
Lifestyle Tips for Better Diabetes Control
Live Healthy, Live Longer
Low Back Pain? Relax, Breathe and Try Yoga
Low-Carb Diet May Aid Your Metabolism
Make a Healthy Lifestyle Your New Year's Resolution
Making New Year's Resolutions That Last
Many College Football Players Lack Vitamin D: Study
Many Hospital Workers Are an Unhealthy Lot: Study
Marathon Runs Won't Harm Your Arteries
Mid-Life Exercise Could Jog Your Memory
More Active Kids Could Save U.S. Billions in Health Costs: Study
More Exercise, Fewer Pounds: Cut Your Heart Failure Risk
Mouse Study Hints at Why Obese People Struggle to Exercise
Moving Just 1 Hour a Week May Curb Depression Risk
Navigating Ski Slopes Safely
Nearly All Autopsied NFL Players Show Trauma-Linked Brain Disease
New Guidelines Urge Diabetics to Move More
New Skin Patch Analyzes Your Sweat During Exercise
No Excuses: Exercise Can Overcome the 'Obesity Gene'
Online Game Could Boost Family Fitness
'Pokemon Go' Players Add 2,000 Steps a Day
Post-Menopausal? Give Exercise a Try
Regular Phys Ed Builds More Than Fitness
Remember This: A Healthy Body Keeps the Mind Sharp, Too
Remote Amazon Tribe May Have Healthiest Hearts on Earth
Repeat Head Hits May Not Put NFL Players at Risk of Motor Problems
Resolve to Reduce Your Cancer Risk This Year
Routine Checkup Should Assess Fitness, Too
Scans Hint at Running's Brain Benefits, Even When Young
Seniors' Lungs Can Tackle Exercise
Sharp Eyes Can Make Soccer Players Sharp Shooters
Short Stretches of Exercise May Have Anti-Inflammatory Effect
Sitting Could Be Big Health Risk for Frail Folks
Slim But Sedentary: Risk of Prediabetes May Rise
Smartphones Could Be a Boon to Heart Health Research
Standing or 'Easy' Walks May Help Type 2 Diabetics Control Blood Sugar
Staying Trim, Strong May Cut Risk of Urinary Incontinence
Strength Training May Prevent Side Effect of Breast Cancer Surgery
Strength Training Might Help Prevent Seniors' Falls
Stretching Eases Pain of Vessel Disease in Legs
Stronger Muscles May Pump Up Kids' Memory Skills
Stronger Muscles May Pump Up Your Memory
Surgeons Warn of Trampolines' Down Side
Swimming Lessons: For Starters, Watch Out for Germs in the Water
Tai Chi: A Gentler Way to Exercise for Ailing Hearts
Take a Stand Against Sitting Too Much
Take to the Road on 2 Wheels
Taking a Stand on Staying Mobile After 80
Taking the Stairs a Better Pick-Me-Up Than Coffee
Tanning's Allure Tied to Other Addictions
Targeting 9 Risk Factors Could Prevent 1 in 3 Dementia Cases: Study
Team Sports for Kids: A Winning Combo
Teens Keep Building Bone After They Stop Growing: Study
Teens Who Are Lazy Bones Have Weaker Skeletons: Study
Tennis Anyone? It May Prolong Your Life
The Benefits of Simply Moving More
The Cost of Bike Crashes in U.S. Tops $24 Billion a Year
The Value of Strength Training
There's Fun and Fitness in the Pool for Asthmatic Kids
This Combo Workout May Suit Obese Seniors Best
Timing of Lunch, Recess May Determine What Kids Eat
Too Much Sitting Ages You Faster
Too Much TV May Cost You Your Mobility
Walk Your Way to Better Brain Health?
Walking the Dog, All the Way to Better Health
Want a Workout for Mind and Body? Hop on Your Bike
Ways to Stay Active in Winter
'Weekend Warriors' Can Still Stretch Their Life Spans
What You Don't Know About Cancer Can Kill You
Which Single Behavior Best Prevents High Blood Pressure?
Why Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation Are Good for You
Winter Hikes Can Be Fun, But Put Safety First
Yoga + Aerobics Doubles Heart Benefits
Yoga Called Good Medicine for High Blood Pressure
Yoga May Boost Aging Brains
Yoga May Bring Better Sleep to Breast Cancer Patients
Yoga May Help Ease Depression
Yoga Soothes Back Pain in Study
Youth Football Ups Odds of Brain Problems in Adulthood
Health Tip: Identify Symptoms of a Concussion
New Approach to Concussion Diagnosis
Many High School Principals Know Little About Concussions
Rest May Not Be Best for Kids After Concussion
30 Former NFL Players Pledge Their Brains for Research
Blood Test May Someday Diagnose Concussion
Concussion Can Spur Short-Term Change in Women's Periods
Concussion in High School Doesn't Boost Depression Risk: Study
Driving Skills May Suffer Even After Concussion Symptoms Subside
Few States Have Plans for Kids Returning to Class After Concussion
Girl Soccer Players Take More Chances After Concussions
Girls' Sports-Related Concussions May Last Twice As Long
Hockey Doesn't Seem to Hit Players' Thinking Skills: Study
Kids With Concussion Need Vision Check Before Return to School
Know the Signs of Concussion
Link Seen Between Concussions and Alzheimer's
More Babies in Strollers, Cribs Winding Up in ER: Study
More Years Playing Football, Greater Risk of Brain Disease: Study
NHL Veterans Pledge Their Brains to Research
Playgrounds Aren't Always All Fun and Games
Psychiatric Scars of Wartime Brain Injury May Linger for Years
Researchers Explore Way to Detect Brain Injury in NFL Players
Tamer Version of Youth Football Looks to Address Safety Concerns
Was Football Safer Back in the Day?
Who's Most at Risk of Head Injury in Youth Football?