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News Coverage of Angelina Jolie's Breast Surgery Boosted Awareness of Options
Timing May Be Key to Success of Surgery, Chemo for Early Breast Cancer
Added Radiation May Help Some With Early Breast Cancer
After Breast Cancer, Many in Appalachia Say No to Lifesaving Drugs
Americans' Risk of Dying From Cancer Is Falling, CDC Finds
Are 2nd Breast Cancer Surgeries Always Necessary?
Bigger Share of Deaths Worldwide Now Due to Cancer
Black Women at Raised Risk of Carrying Breast Cancer Genes
Black Women More Likely to Have Dense Breast Tissue, Study Shows
Blood Test May One Day Predict Breast Cancer Relapse
Breast Cancer Drugs Battle Disease's Return
Breast Cancer Equally Common Now Among Blacks, Whites
Breast Cancer Is Not One Disease, Experts Say
Breast Cancer Patients Concerned About Genetic Risk, Survey Finds
Breast Cancer Surgery Now Often Involves Fewer Lymph Nodes
Breast Cancer Survivors May Have Higher Thyroid Cancer Risk
Breast Cancer Survivors Tend to Gain Weight: Study
Breast Cancer Survivors Vulnerable for Thyroid Tumors, and Vice Versa: Study
Breast Reconstruction Often Involves Multiple Operations
Breast Ultrasound, Mammography May Be Equally Effective: Study
Breast-Feeding May Lower Breast Cancer Recurrence, Death: Study
Breast-Feeding May Reduce Risk of Aggressive Breast Cancer: Study
Broader Gene Tests for Breast, Ovarian Cancer Might Benefit Some: Study
Cancer Death Rates Down 23 Percent Since 1991: Study
Cancer No. 1 Killer of Asian-Americans, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders: Study
Cancer Rates Dropping in Rich Countries, Rising in Poorer Ones: Study
Cancer Treatment Should Proceed for Pregnant Women: Study
Certain Generic Meds May Help Older Patients With Early Breast Cancer
Chemo for Breast Cancer Erases Woman's Fingerprints
Computer-Aided Mammograms May Not Be Worth the Cost: Study
Connection Between Diabetes, Advanced Breast Cancer Detected in Study
Cooling Cap to Reduce Chemo-Linked Hair Loss OK'd
Costlier Breast Cancer Treatments Linked to Better Survival
Depression May Be Tied to Lower Breast Cancer Survival
Dietary Dioxins Don't Seem to Increase Breast Cancer Risk: Study
Double Mastectomy Benefits May Be Overrated for Some
Drug May Help Some Breast Cancer Patients Avoid Early Menopause
Drugs May Protect the Heart During Chemotherapy
Early Chemo Less Likely to Help Black Breast Cancer Patients: Study
Early Detection Still Key to Breast Cancer Survival: Study
Early Stage Breast Cancer Far From a Death Sentence: Study
Exercise May Blunt a Woman's Risk of Lung and Breast Cancer: Studies
Experts Issue Guidelines on Caring for Breast Cancer Survivors
False-Positive Mammogram May Hint at Breast Cancer Risk Later
False-Positive Mammogram Result Traumatic for Most Women: Study
Family History of Breast Cancer Doesn't Worsen Patient's Prognosis: Study
For Cancer Survivors, Expenses Keep Mounting
For Early Breast Cancer, More U.S. Women Choose Less Invasive Treatment
Genes Help Set Menopause Timing: Study
Genes Linked to Breast, Ovarian Cancers Act Differently in Each Woman: Study
Girls Who Eat More Fiber May Face Lower Breast Cancer Risk Later: Study
Height May Be Linked to Increased Cancer Risk, Study Contends
Higher-Dose, Short-Duration Radiation Better for Early Breast Cancer: Study
Hormone Therapy Safely Helps Preserve Fertility for Breast Cancer Patients: Study
How to Do Breast Self-Exams
International Panel Finds Only 'Limited' Evidence for Mammograms in 40s
Is Breast Density an Overrated Cancer Risk Factor?
Laser: A Breast Cancer Treatment Alternative?
Less Chemo for Obese Ovarian Cancer Patients Linked to Worse Survival Rates
Lumpectomy Plus Radiation May Beat Mastectomy for Early Breast Cancer
Mammogram Rates May Fall When Women Learn of 'Overdiagnosis' Risk
Mammograms a Personal Decision for Women in Their 40s, Panel Says
Many Americans Not Getting Routine Cancer Screenings: CDC
Many Breast Cancer Patients Still Opt for Mastectomy Over Lump Removal
Many Older Americans May Get Unneeded Breast, Prostate Cancer Screenings
Meditation May Ease Pain, Anxiety From Breast Cancer Biopsy: Study
Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk: Study
Minority Women Get Worse Breast Cancer Care, Regardless of Tumor Type: Study
More Americans Surviving Cancer Today Than 20 Years Ago
More Breast Cancer Patients Opting for Lumpectomy: Study
More Evidence That Drinking May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
More Evidence That Hormone Therapy Might Not Help Women's Hearts
More Men With Breast Cancer Having Second Breast Removed
MRI Might Predict Breast Cancer Risk in Some Women
MRIs Before Breast Cancer Surgery on the Rise: Study
New Genetic Clues to Which Breast Cancers Might Return
New Study Casts Doubt on Dangers of Hormone Therapy for Hot Flashes
New Technology Tests Tumors Inside the Patient to Find Best Treatment
Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy as Good as Full Breast Removal: Study
Not All Large Breast Tumors Warrant Mastectomy, Study Says
Number of Mammograms Handled May Affect Breast Cancer Detection Rates
Obamacare Boosting Breast Cancer Screening Among Poor: Study
Obese Postmenopausal Women May Face Higher Risk for Breast Cancer
One or Two Drinks a Day Might Boost Cancer Risk: Study
One-Third of Incurable Cancer Patients Keep Working, Study Finds
Ovary Removal Reduces Breast Cancer Death in BRCA1 Carriers: Study
Personal Care Plans Tied to Better Follow-Up in Breast Cancer Survivors
Pesticide Used Decades Ago May Raise Breast Cancer Risk: Study
Poor Sleep, Snoring Before Diagnosis Tied to Trouble for Breast Cancer Patients
Preteen Girls Worry About Breast Cancer If It's in the Family
Racial Differences in Breast Cancer Linked to Genes
Radiation From Mammograms May Be Lower Than Thought
Regular Mammograms Might Lead to 'Overdiagnosis' of Breast Cancer
Regular Mammograms Worthwhile for Elderly Women
Researchers Focus on Risk Factors for Leukemia After Breast Cancer Treatment
Risk of More Aggressive Early Breast Cancers Rises With Age, Study Finds
Safe to Take Antidepressants With Tamoxifen: Study
Scientists Probe Obesity's Ties to Breast Cancer Risk
Screening All Women for Breast Cancer Genes Not Feasible: Study
Shorter Radiation Treatment Works for Early Breast Cancers: Study
Smoking Lowers Breast Cancer Survival, Study Finds
Some Women Face Geographic Barriers to Breast Reconstruction
Study Finds Racial Differences in Choices for Breast Cancer Care
Study Links Family History of Prostate Cancer to Breast Cancer Risk
Study Questions Accuracy of Many Breast Cancer Biopsies
Study Suggests Link Between Gum Disease, Breast Cancer Risk
Surgery Not Always Needed for Early Form of Breast Cancer: Study
Survival Improves for Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer
Tai Chi Might Help People With Long-Term Health Conditions
Too Few Breast Cancer Patients Getting Radiation After Mastectomy: Study
Too Few Women Get Counseling Before Breast Cancer Gene Test: Study
Too Much Sitting May Raise a Woman's Cancer Risk: Study
U.S. Smoking Deaths May Be Underestimated, Study Suggests
Vistogard Approved for Chemotherapy Overdose
Women Should Get Annual Mammograms Starting at Age 45: Cancer Society
Worldwide Boost in Breast-Feeding Could Save 800,000 Lives: Study