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May 13 2013
Happy Hospital Week

Happy Hospital Week!

First and most important  this week, thank you to everyone engaged in supporting St. Joseph's. This is a week to celebrate our Sisters, our Boards, our great employees and our medical staff, all the people who contribute to the success of our hospital.

Last week we celebrated our nursing staff and the great contributions they make to our patients and the leadership they are providing across our community in Nurses Week.

Both celebrations acknowledge that none of us work independently, but are essential parts of teams. The strength of what we do for patients rests in the teams abilities to plan, and coordinate great care.

The same teamwork is now being required beyond the walls of the hospital. We are being asked to think differently about health, more broadly, connecting the "pre-care" community and the health community in a new model that promotes wellness and prevention, community based care, personal accountabilityand health care.

To start this week, Rich Umbdenstock, president of the American Hospital Association, will be at St. Joseph's to present the Carolyn  Boone Lewis award for commitment to the community.

This recognizes what is happening nationally , that we are redefining the health care team to include our community partners. Whether its the Northside Urban Partnership, Catholic Charities, Le Moyne College, Home Headquarters, Housing Visions, the  Westside Initiative sponsored by Syracuse University or the many other  community based providers, all connected and supporting at the center our patients.

St. Joseph's is leading the effort to redefine health care as more than just the provision of health services, it's good schools, a clean environment, good housing, jobs and yes, access to health care.

Happy Hospital Week!


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