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Share a smile by sending a FREE St. Joseph's E-Card today! Select a category above to view a variety of e-cards. Choose a card, submit your message, and we will color print your e-card and hand-deliver it to your loved one's bedside. It's that easy.
How our service works
  • Your message will be physically handled by caring volunteers during normal business hours.
  • Note that delays in delivery may occur, primarily during weekends and holidays. We make every effort to deliver your message promptly - but cannot guarantee delivery. If a patient cannot be located, we will attempt to contact the sender; however, this may delay delivery. If a patient has been discharged, we will attempt to contact the sender. Undeliverable messages will be discarded.
  • The E-mail-a-Patient service should not be used for confidential communications - it is meant solely as a method of sending encouragement to patients in the hospital.
  • Email reply service is not available.

Please read the Terms of Use of this website. For more information on this service, contact the St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center Volunteer Office at (315) 448-5186.