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Family Medicine Center

The Family Medicine Center is located on St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center campus.

The residency practice uses a fully integrated electronic medical record (EMR) to provide residents with up-to-the-minute retrieval of their patient’s entire medical chart 24/7 from any computer—at home or in the hospital. Laboratory studies, radiologic reports and images, inpatient data from recent hospitalizations and correspondence from other physicians also will be readily available. Nationally, between 40 and 50 percent of family physicians are presently using an EMR, so having a system in place is an important training opportunity for residents in preparation for their ultimate practice. The EMR also will simplify data retrieval and chart audits, which are used as teaching and research tools.

Currently, more than 4,000 families in Syracuse and surrounding communities receive their health care—ranging from obstetrics and pediatrics to adult medicine and geriatrics—from the residents. The Family Medicine Center patient population is diverse, drawing people from many different cultures, including black, Hispanic and Native American communities. Many of our patients also come from regions around the world that have seen political upheaval and social unrest in recent years, including Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

Each resident is assigned a panel of patients to follow throughout the three years, providing continuity of care to these individuals and families. The panels grow in size as the residents grow and develop as physicians. Through the Family Medicine Center experience, our program is committed to the dual mission of providing patients with professional, high-quality care and our house staff with an exceptional learning experience. 

The Family Medicine Center is equipped to perform multiple procedures in the office setting, including, but not limited to, punch biopsy, mole removal, casting, endometrial biopsy, colposcopy, joint aspiration and injections, and other minor surgical procedures.

The Family Medicine Center is staffed by highly skilled nurses and administrative personnel. They are sensitive to the fact that the family medicine residents are physicians-in-training, and are committed to the residents’ education and development in this regard.

St. Joseph's Family Medicine Residency
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