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As one of the first Family Medicine Residency programs established in the United States, the St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Family Medicine Residency has graduates in all regions of the country. Most of these family medicine physicians have remained in and around Central New York. However, with more than 450 graduates, there is a great deal of diversity in geography and practice style. The following comments are some of the reasons why St. Joseph’s graduates continue to think highly of the training they received at St. Joseph’s:

“St. Joseph’s residency became my first choice because it is a large hospital that provides all the services of a community hospital, yet also delivers state-of-the-art tertiary care in a number of disciplines. Family medicine being the only residency based there gives residents the opportunity for responsibility and training with greater depth and intensity than that provided by smaller community hospitals on the one hand and large teaching hospitals with multiple residencies on the other.”

Robert Ostrander, MD, Class of 1987, Valley View Family Practice, Rushville, NY

“When I reminisce about my experience as a St. Joseph's resident, the first word that comes to mind is ‘family.’ The residency program truly embodies the concept of family. This is in reference not only to our patient families, but to the larger St. Joseph’s family. Spending so much time together creates bonds that transcend most barriers. Having grown up in New York City with all my immediate family in ‘Da City,’ it is a testament to the residency program that I stayed in the Syracuse area for residency and private practice.”

Luis Castro, MD, Class of 1999, Medical Director, Westside Family Health and Maternal Child Health Centers, Syracuse, NY

“I frequently think about what I've seen in the last year and realize that residency can’t possibly teach you everything, but hopefully get you to the point where you know what’s bad and what’s not, and what is an emergency and what is not. It felt good to have confidence in my training so that I can figure those things out and can take care of the emergencies when they happen. I’ve also seen a huge difference in what I did in residency compared to what other people did, and now I realize that all programs are not created equal! Thanks for providing that knowledge base.”

Karen Williams, MD, Class of 1999, Watertown, NY

”You’d think that working in a small, private practice next to a dairy farm would be a far cry from my job as a resident, working in a 431-bed hospital in an urban setting, but actually it’s not at all. After medical school I wasn’t certain where I would be working after residency (urban, rural, office practice, hospital), so I looked for a training program that would prepare me for any of these. St. Joseph’s, an unopposed, hospital-based Family Medicine Residency program, gave me the medical challenges and the caseload that prepared me for a number of different settings. Not only was the transition to my current office-based private practice a smooth one, but I was already comfortable with hospital work, which was imperative as my new group continued to admit their own patients.

Additionally, as I was going to be far away from any family, I was drawn to the intimate nature of the St. Joseph’s program, and I am still in close contact with the members of my graduating class.”

Kari Borrelli, MD, Class of 2005, Scotia-Glenville Family Medicine, Ballston Spa, NY

“The Family Medicine Residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center provided me with all the skills and confidence to practice medicine in a rural area. The well-balanced curriculum provides exposure to sick ICU patients, to a wide variety of ambulatory pathology, to plenty of experience in office-based procedures, and excellent training in behavioral medicine. The faculty is nurturing and supportive. I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had in residency.”

Kevin Gallagher, MD, Class of 2006, Granville Family Medicine, Granville, NY

“The St. Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency has many outstanding attributes, yet the key to the success of the program is the attending faculty. Our attendings possess superior clinical and teaching skills, and they often go above and beyond to ensure the residents receive nothing but the highest quality residency experience possible. They recognize that family medicine is a fluid and dynamic specialty, and they continually seek to incorporate new concepts and ideas into the educational process.”

James Fennelly, MD, Class of 2007, Farmington Family Practice, Farmington, NY

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