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Patient Care Services

Hand and Wrist

Your hands are powerful. Besides delivering a firm handshake or typing out a letter, our hands cradle and comfort a loved one, they impart emotion, and they even help accomplish acts of service for others.

At St. Joseph's, we understand how important your hands are. We even have a dedicated surgery center for outpatient hand procedures.

Many hand procedures are trauma related. On the other hand, many individuals endure chronic hand and wrist pain caused by arthritis or ganglia. From broken to chronically painful fingers and wrists, our teams of highly specialized clinicians are here to provide you with the highest quality and most compassionate health care possible.

Because most procedures are done at Northeast Medical Center or North Medical Surgery Center, our ambulatory care center sites, you can expect to have all pre-admission tests, evaluations and preparation done at one location. Most procedures allow you to return home the same day—one more reason to look to St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center for your hand and wrist needs.