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1 in 3 Americans May Have Had Warning Stroke Without Knowing It
Study authors say learn the signs and symptoms that mean you need immediate medical help
1 in 4 Americans Knows Someone Hooked on Opioids: Poll
Three-quarters believe that people can beat the addiction
1 in 5 U.S. Cancers Is 'Rare'
Little-known malignancies harder to diagnose and treat, study says
1 in 5 U.S. Kids Killed in Crashes Not Restrained Properly
Finding highlights importance of car seats, seat belts for young passengers
3 Key Lifestyle Factors Can Lower Breast Cancer Odds
Stay trim, exercise and cut back on drinking, review findings suggest
4 in 10 People Will Suffer Arthritic Hands Over Lifetime
Obesity appears to raise the risk, researchers note
5 Great Diet Breakfasts
Try these healthy twists on traditional favorites
7 Common Exercise Errors
Don't let these missteps short-circuit your fitness efforts
A 2nd Life for Risky Kidney Transplants?
Doctors say they cleared hepatitis C in organ recipients, perhaps shortening transplant waits
A Movie Instead of Anesthesia for Kids' Radiation Therapy
Videos promote relaxation and stillness without medication, study says