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About Us

AnneMarie W. Czyz

AnneMarie W. Czyz, MS, RN
Vice President for Clinical and Educational Services & Chief Nursing Officer

By considering a future with us, you are taking the first step toward a rewarding and fulfilling journey. St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center is one of the most respected health care systems in New York state. And, it is a wonderful place to work, and I know from experience! I've been with St. Joseph's for 14 years and have held positions such as staff nurse, staff educator, nurse manager, director of critical care, and now vice president for clinical services/chief nursing officer. My experience clearly shows the supportive nature of our nursing program and how we want our staff to grow and develop with us. Once you begin the journey at St. Joseph's, there is no telling where that road will take you and the things you will achieve.

Why St. Joseph's Nursing?

A nursing career at St. Joseph's provides the unique opportunity to bring your skills and passion to one of the region’s most respected and recognized health providers.

St. Joseph's is a destination of choice for patients and professionals seeking excellence in health care. In fact, more than 25,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatients rely on our expertise and quality care each year. And each year, more of the industry’s best nurses discover the career opportunity of a lifetime at St. Joseph's, too. The best of the best choose St. Joseph's, for a variety of reasons. Below, a few nurses explain why they decided to come to St. Joseph's:

"St. Joseph's demonstrates respect for the beliefs and values of all people. The network is knowledgeable about and respects population-specific needs. Everyone treats one another with deep respect." - Vonn Lee, RN, five years of service

"I came to St. Joseph’s 15 years ago as a nursing student because of the hospital’s great reputation for quality care and the School of Nursing’s 99 percent pass rate for graduates. I have never left because I love the culture here. Our mission is more than a bunch of words; it’s how we practice.  We are like one big happy family. We have ups and downs but we share the common goal of delivering excellent care and treating everyone with dignity and respect.  Administration believes that employee satisfaction is just as important as patient satisfaction. They not only talk the talk but they walk the walk as well!" - Carla Smith, RN, ONC, 15 years of service

"I have stayed at St Joseph's since graduating from St. Joseph's College of Nursing because I view the hospital and people working there as my family. I feel as though I am valued and my opinions are heard by the management teams for which I have worked. I enjoy being a nurse and feel that St. Joseph's wants me to be the best I can be by encouraging my continuing education. I am excited to see where St. Joseph's is going and where it will be when I end my nursing career at St. Joseph's. - Stacie Corrigan, RN, BSN, 10 years of service

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