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Physician Portal

We are pleased to be able to provide you with access to this new and exciting technology! This site provides information you will need to access the Physician Portal. 

Access the Physician Portal through the Member Login page (MDs, have your keyfob reads). 

Attention! New PACs webviewer needed with upcoming PACs upgrade!
Click here to install over the current viewer (no uninstall required)

Medical Record Completion  Click here for instructions (pdf) 

Java is needed for Med Rec (Medical Record Completion) tab.
If Med Rec tab does not work, try installing Java 1.6.20 JRE first! 


How to get to the Physician Portal remotely via the Internet?
  • You will need an RSA keyfob. (To request one, email portal.rsa@sjhsyr.org and include your name and contact info)
  • If you already have a keyfob, click on "Member Login"
  • Enter your "Username".
  • Enter your "Passcode" - Your Passcode is your PIN + the number displayed on your token. 
  • After entering your username and passcode, click the "Login" button.
  • When access is successful, you will be taken to the same  Physician Portal signin page as you use within the hospital network.
System Requirements

System Recommended Configuration
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/Window 7
Processor Appropriate to support OS
Memory 1 GB RAM or higher
Disk Space 4 GB Free
Internet Connection Cable Modem, DSL, or T1 with Firewall
Monitor 1024 X 768 Resolution

Web Browser Requirements

Physican Portal is designed to work best on the following browsers:

Software Requirements

Some features and articles on this site may require downloading and installing the following free software/Plug-in:

Popup Blockers and Trusted Sites
  • Add "portal.sjhsyr.org" to any popup blocker exceptions and Internet Explorer Trusted Sites