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For Providers

  • Opportunity to receive up to 21 category 1 CMEs free of charge and at your site and convenience
  • In-service for staff at your site: “Motivational Interviewing to Help Patients Quit”
    • Scope of the problem
    • Stages of change
    • Motivation “Change Talk”
    • Pharmacotherapy prescribing information
  • Tobacco handouts for patients
    • Informational pamphlets
    • NY State Smokers Quitline cards
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy for physician distribution to staff/patients as available
    • Patches
    • Gum
    • Lozenges
  • Assistance with initiating and continuing tobacco-free grounds policies
  • Assistance implementing systems change to improve identification and treatment of tobacco dependence
    • Implementation of CDC best practice guidelines
    • Chart stickers/stamps
    • Fax-to-Quit forms

For the Public

  • Periodic cessation workshops
    • Two-part classes highlighting:
      • Why to consider quitting
      • How to go about quitting
    • Develop a support network with:
      • Certified cessation specialists
      • Other individuals in the process of quitting
  • Assistance for employers with initiating and continuing tobacco-free grounds and workplace policies