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May 15 2014
Supporting a Higher Level of Care at St. Joseph’s

“April showers bring May flowers.” ~A proverb

Sure enough, as they seem to do every year, my yard began filling with tulips, crocuses and daffodils as May was ushered in on the calendar. Truthfully, the first blooms in my garden were largely ignored this year as they were busily unfurling their petals. Nevertheless, those colorful blossoms proved to be my “chicken soup for the soul” during what would be a long first week of May, while I served a token role in an otherwise enormous team effort – St. Joseph’s SJLinked Go Live!

If I might share, my first overnight shift was an eye-opener. As I watched hundreds of amazingly talented people prepare to switch on St. Joseph’s new electronic health record system, I found myself, more than once, thinking about a quote by Anne Bradstreet, “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.” 

In reality, I came to understand that the hours worked by everyone that night were merely a drop in the bucket. Countless days, weeks and months had already been put in by a system-wide team of physicians, nurses, computer wizards, EPIC specialists, and other hospital staff – many of whom worked to ensure that quality patient care came first. All of the planning, training, testing, tweaking, and finessing done beforehand not only led to the moment that SJLinked would go live, but these efforts also set the stage for enhanced patient care, improved workflow and business processes, and other future successes. 

While SJ Linked was not a fundraising initiative, it will serve to be vitally important to the future health of our community. As such, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center Foundation was proud to support this project by coordinating sandwiches, hot meals, cookies, brownies and beverages for staff who worked long overnight shifts in the Turbo Room. More so, the generosity that made these roughly 500 meals possible was the result of an outpouring of support from local businesses including Asti Caffe, Coca-Cola Refreshments of Syracuse, Julie’s Place, Subway, Laci’s Tapas Bar, Louie’s Family Restaurant, Phoebe's Restaurant & Coffee Lounge, Thanos Import Market and Sysco Syracuse – sponsor of food provided from CopperTop Tavern.

Go Live has been a project like no other ever seen in the history of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center. Knowledge, time, skills and resources from technology, physician expertise and nursing to employee wellness, leadership and philanthropy were contributed from across the system to help realize a smooth, seamless transition to SJ Linked.

Congratulations to all the members of the St. Joseph’s family who helped make this possible! 

Perhaps now there might be a moment or two to enjoy the flowers…


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