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Franciscan Lifeline Celebrates 30 Years; Introduces New Cellular Technology

SYRACUSE – Franciscan Lifeline is proud to celebrate 30 years helping Central New York seniors live home safely. Since its inception in 1984, the program of Franciscan Companies, has provided tens of thousands of at-risk people with around-the-clock response in case of a fall.  An anniversary event is planned for Thursday, October 3rd from 8am-10am at 7246 Janus Park Drive, Liverpool. Clients and caregivers will give first-hand testimonials about the safety and security offered by Lifeline.

In addition, Franciscan Lifeline is responding to the growing need for a reliable medical alert system for people without traditional landlines. Since 2000, more than 100 million copper phone lines have been disconnected and just one in four U.S. households will have a copper phone line at the end of this year, according to the trade group US Telecom. With this in mind, Franciscan Lifeline is introducing Philips’ new HomeSafe Wireless System. Customers can choose from a variety of help buttons based on their needs and the Communicator connects them to the Lifeline Response Center without the need for land line telephone service.

A HomeSafe unit will be on display, as well as information pertaining to the technology behind this system. Lifeline staff will begin taking orders for the unit immediately, with installation planned for mid-October.

**Interviews will be available with medical alert system subscribers, caregivers and experts**

About Franciscan Companies

With services covering 14 counties in Upstate New York and three counties in Pennsylvania, Franciscan Companies is a member of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center system. It provides a variety of health-related products, services and programs to patients and consumers throughout the area, including medical equipment, respiratory therapy, sleep disorder treatments, home care services, wellness programs, an adult day program, Lifeline medical alert, medication dispensers and more.