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Apr 27 2014
Patient Care Remains the Focus as SJLinked Goes Live

This will be an exciting week for our organization as we finally Go-Live with SJLinked, our new electronic health record.

I have been relaying to people that whenever I get a new piece of technology, especially a phone, the week after is difficult. I find I get anxious when I can't find things I’ve organized. Starting over, rebuilding systems and learning new ways to do things always creates stress and impatience. In the end I always admit, I’m glad I did it.  

The SJLinked team will be here supporting the organization with lots of educators and “super users” for the next two weeks. These professionals will help our health care team rebuild workflows and get systems organized in the way that works best for them. They are 100% focused on making sure the system works so the rest of the team can focus on patient care. Some items will wait for the next phase of optimization after Go-Live, but we will be looking to keep track of all the enhancements needed to improve our system even further during the next phase.

I expect many people will react to our new systems the way I do, and be exasperated when things aren’t quite the way they expected them. But our experts will be standing by, and are ready to get us through this. And through it all – we will be caring for patients as our first priority.

I want to publicly thank all of our dedicated employees for all their efforts to attend training, work on issues in the “playground,” and take time from already busy schedules to create a better way to care for patients! It will be worth it to all of us in the long run.


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