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May 11 2014
Spring, SJLinked, and My St.Josephs Are All Here To Stay

This was the second week of our being live with SJLinked, our new electronic medical record system. Implementation teams have worked tirelessly around the clock over the past two weeks, and patients are signing up onto My StJosephs, the patient portal.

Our employees have been amazing through this effort, and I greatly appreciate their efforts. It's been a great experience, and we have learned a lot. This week we hope to transition back to a normal pace.

At my house we hung bird feeders this weekend, and we were delighted to have hummingbirds back. They were joined by a Baltimore Oriole, an Evening Grosbeak, and lots of finches. Let's hope the Sharp-shinned Hawk finds someplace else to hang out this year. The trees are starting to bloom, and it finally feels like spring.

At St. Joseph's, this means continuing to provide great patient care while we utilize this powerful new electronic health record system. It's the transition from our initial implementation to optimizing how we use it every day -- sharing best practices, changing workflows to benefit the patient, thinking about how to make these new tools work even better for us in the days ahead. 

It also means preparing for our new patient tower to open later this summer and to get our new co-generation plant ready for activation.

Congratulations to all of our graduates in the College of Nursing, Family Medicine, Transitional Residencies and Dental over the next two weeks. Our great faculty is proud of your accomplishments and we look forward to some of you remaining in our community! Wherever you go, remember your St. Joseph's experience and the values you learned while with us.


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