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About CorPath Robotic Angioplasty

What is the CorPath System?

The CorPath System is the first robotic-assisted system designed to improve precision during an angioplasty or PCI (percutaneous coronary interventions) procedure. The CorPath System is the only robotic-assisted PCI system cleared by the FDA.

What does robotic-assisted really mean?

Most people want to know that a doctor is performing their procedure. That is 100 percent the case with the CorPath System. Know that your doctor is manipulating all the instruments during the procedure: the robotic-assisted system provides stability, precision and better visualization. Learn more about the CorPath  System.

What should I expect?

Your interventional cardiologist will explain the entire procedure to you, including how the CorPath System works to improve the procedure for you.  Read more about what to expect.

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For Referring Physicians

Learn more about how to refer a patient for a CorPath Robotic Angioplasty procedure.

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