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Access VR

Mission StatementVocational Services
St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center’s vocational services are committed to meeting the needs of our clients while responding to the needs of employers for a stable, reliable work force.  The mission of the hospital, “…to be people of vision, responding with enthusiasm and integrity to the needs of all …”, guides our efforts to help people with disabilities seek employment opportunities.

What Vocational Service Offers
Many employers are unsure about the Americans With Disabilities Act affect hiring practices.  To help employers comply with the act and to support those interested in hiring people with disabilities, St. Joseph’s offers services that can help them adapt to a changing work force while keeping costs to a minimum.  Services can save employers money in taxes (Targeted Jobs Tax Credits), job training, recruitment and employee turnover.  Vocational Services provides employers with qualified applicants who have support of an individual trained to assess skills and provide on-the-job training and ongoing support.

About Our Applicants
Our applicant pool consists of a variety of people-from those with no formal high school education to those with master’s degrees-who have experienced emotional difficulties and who wish to enter or re-enter the competitive job market.  We screen our applicants for skills, interests and work behaviors to determine what kinds of jobs they are qualified to do.  Also, applicants typically receive pre-vocational training and counseling along with vocational testing and evaluation, if necessary.

How Vocational Services Works
If desired by the employer, a vocational specialist will visit the work site to collect information that will help match a job opening and a potential applicant.  Once an adequate match is made, we help employees obtain transportation, supply links to the resources in the community and provide the needed support to encourage good work habits.  Also, we provide ongoing evaluation and follow-up services, if necessary, at no cost to the employer.

Vocational services are connected to a community network of specialists.  If an applicant is not available from our services, we can access other applicants through the network.

Let Vocational Services Work For You
Eligibility for supported employment services is made after applying for services through Access VR.  You can apply directly to Access VR or we can give you an application and send a referral to Access VR for you.

If you already have an active Access VR case, and you wish to receive services through St. Joseph’s Hospital’s Vocational Services, you can contact your counselor and ask him/her to refer you to St. Joseph’s.

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