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Mar 6 2014
GiGi's Playhouse

On Saturday evening  I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for GiGi's Playhouse.  Located in Drivers Village, it serves as a center for families of children with Down syndrome. It was built with the passion of parents whose children were born with Down syndrome.

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs in one in 691 births. The average age of a mother to give birth is 28. It affects people of all ages, races and economic levels and is the most frequently occurring genetic chromosomal variance.  In the program the authors noted that recent advances in our understanding of Down syndrome has resulted in dramatic improvements in the life span and potential of those affected.

My own learning was turned upside down and I will never again see these families and children in the same way. Unfortunately as a society we celebrate the perfect, and tend not to appreciate the differences. The joy, passion, happiness, friendship and community in the families associated with GiGi's Playhouse is contagious. Their global message is acceptance!

We are very blessed as a community to have added this tremendous center to the landscape.

For new families who are fearful, it offers a place to learn,grow and share support for the entire family. For families of children, and adults with Down syndrome it offers a place of therapeutic, educational, wellness and career programs. Congratulations to all the families and donors  who have built this tremendous resource for our community!


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