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Dec 9 2013
Celebrating our Team

It was quite a week. Our accrediting body DNV was on site, the health department came for a brief survey and we did a bit of celebrating!

It's the celebrating part I want to focus on today, because I came to the end of the week profoundly  moved by the work of the St. Joseph's team.

First, we have had several surveys recently - Magnet, DNV And DOH. We welcome outside opinions on how we can improve, and our attitude shows. The surveyors often remark to me how transparent and passionate our team is. From physicians to nurses to transporters, people are willing to share our efforts and clearly reflect a focus on caring and great patient care. One surveyor said I have never seen an organization that so clearly reflects living the mission as St. Joseph's!

Then on Thursday evening we had our employee service award ceremony. There were more than a hundred people being honored for years of service, many employees over 15 years, including several at 30, 35, eight at 40 and one at 45 years (congrats Kathy Mueller)!  I am told over the next several years we will have 80 people celebrate 40 years of service. Wow. That clearly says something about the commitment of our colleagues.

Finally, on Friday I had time to visit a poster session on project management. A group of leaders from St. Joseph's took a course at the Whitman School at Syracuse University to learn project management skills. Organized by Joe Schiccitano and Kristen Bilello, the  teams came back to nursing, materials management, Franciscan, the OR and PAT and tried out those skills on a project.

One project at the College of Nursing led by MaryJo Vona rolled up many of the key issues we are facing in health reform. The retirement of two employees created an opportunity to re-examine nursing recruitment. They analyzed the flow of nursing candidates as they came, the number of people who touched the process, and found a way to restructure their environment and process. They cut 40 minutes and lots of wasted steps from the visits. All the projects were outstanding, and the passion in which they were delivered impressive. 

So, I come to the end of a complicated week where I experienced many issues and upset people on my doorstep. Health care is putting pressure on every part of the health system. But what this week proved to me is we have the right formula at St. Joseph's to get through the next few years, provide great patient care through a dedicated team of professionals, and the rest will work itself out.

Thanks for all you have personally contributed to this work. Be proud of the organization. We have challenges but we will get it done! 


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