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Oct 28 2013
The Impact of Ceremony and Symbols at St.Joseph's

Two things happened this week that are great reminders of the need to have both external science and internal passion in the work we do.


We presented Franciscan Leadership Awards to individuals who have lived our mission and values, AnneMarie Czyz and Carol Triggs. They were inspiring in reflecting on what St. Joseph's and our people have meant to them in their careers.


Secondly, spiritual care did a blessing of the hands . The chaplains went to offices and poured  lavender scented water onto the hands of each employee and thanked them for the gifts their hands provide to their families, colleagues, patients and friends.


Both of these moments came during a week when we were struggling with health reform issues, a busy environment and a lot of stress.


These rituals renewed our spirits, fed our souls, made us laugh and cry. One employee posted the ritual of the hands on her Facebook page, and many people commented on how special it was to work or seek care in an environment that values these special moments.


As I talk to leaders in other industries they, too, are worried about environments where people are struggling with stress and change.


We at St. Joseph's would tell you that rituals matter. Celebrating mission, vision and values re-enforces culture and reminds us why we are caregivers.


Thank you to the great team in Spiritual Care for all you do every day to help keep that focus.






Reminder: Friday night is one of the nicest fundraisers of the year, our Auxiliary's Wine Tasting, taking place from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Electronics Parkway. Please join me! 


2 Comments so far

Ann Ferro October 28, 2013 at 11:01 am

Blessing of hands at St. Joe's is an emotionally binding and reaffirming action. It elevates the work that all of the staff does in pursuit of the mission of the hospital and it acknowledges the connection that our work has to the people that we serve.

Sr. Baptiste Westbrook October 30, 2013 at 09:37 am

It was my privilege to do the Blessing of Hands in the North Med. Surgery Center. I was so moved by the faith of the employees there. So many expressed how much they loved their work and the workplace culture. Thank you for your continuing leadership of us on the path of Mission.

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