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Nov 11 2013
Responding to Community Needs

This week St. Joseph's will submit its 2013 Community Services plan to the New York State Department of Health after it's approved by our Board of Trustees. The CSP has been developed in partnership with the Onondaga County Health Department and local hospitals. The purpose of the plan is to assess what our community needs, and focus on how we can improve community health.

Data from numerous sources was analyzed, including the Onondaga County Health Department community health assessment, preliminary results from the Expanded Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance, the New York State prevention agenda, 2013 United Way Community  Health Needs Assessment, patient focus groups and internal system information.

Some of the goals we have chosen as a community include improving the management of chronic disease, reducing rates of obesity, reducing rates of smoking and providing education on neonatal addiction syndrome.

St. Joseph's is committed to increasing access to primary care medical homes by expanding the number of primary care physicians in practice in the community.  We are also determined to help adults with diabetes  keep glucose levels  in good control, and reduce the rate of hospitalizations for short term complications of diabetes.

St. Joseph's Westside Family Health Center in collaboration with the Westside Initiative will focus on community health programming, including nutrition counseling and education to reduce obesity.  St. Joseph's is participating in the Healthy Shopper rewards program, a linkage between Westside Family Health Center and Nojaims focused on providing nutritional education and guidance to Syracuse residents struggling with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

As an employer St. Joseph's will continue to focus on creating a healthier workplace by providing healthier food options, and developing policies that support the use of  locally grown food in our cafeteria and patient room service menu.

Our Maternal and Child programs along with our primary care practices will do more outreach and education on the impact of addiction on our babies.

This is a challenging time for St. Joseph's and our community. We have a unique system of care extending from our primary care offices, to the hospital, to community based care from home care to dialysis centers. The power of this system is to focus more on improving community health not just treating illness.  It is often referred to as population health management.  We will best do this through collaboration with our patients and other community based organizations. Look for more conversation as we launch our task force on community engagement.


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