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Aug 19 2013
A Day to Celebrate the St. Joseph's Dedicated Employees

On Friday our Board of Trustees took a tour of the St. Joseph's system. We drove the breadth of the system, stopping to hear or see the unique contributions each site makes to creating access in our community.  From the main campus, to the Westside Family Health Center, to Behavioral Health, Dialysis, and programs at North East and North Medical Centers. The buildings are impressive, but more impressive is our colleagues who work there.


Trustees heard from vice presidents, physicians, managers, employees in a variety of rolls and they could see and hear the passion they have for all they do each day. I was very proud of everyone that morning.


The "Breakfast Group" gathered every morning for breakfast before work. (top row left to right): Charles Romeo, Kathleen Quinn, Mike Adams, George Tartar. (Bottom row left to right): Pam Sivalia. Andy Antil, Anna Moosbrugger, Larry Tupper and Catherine Fowler.
Upon returning I had the great privilege to visit a retiring employee, Anna Moosbrugger, 43 years running our mail room!  Has anyone  ever seen Anna without a smile on her face? I asked her about that, and she said every day she came to work and thought how lucky she was to have a job she loved. She is another example of what we see every day across our organization, people who care deeply about what they do and their roles in contributing to great patient care.

A special thank you to Anna for being a role model and living our values. I will miss seeing her, but I know Kathy Mueller already gave her a volunteer application, so after a break, maybe we will see her smile at the volunteer front desk.

Thank you to our Board of Trustees for spending even more time learning about our future, and thank you to the great colleagues at St. Joseph's who contribute to making this such a special place to work.


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Joshua Czyz August 21, 2013 at 08:48 am

Love this post! Love Anna (you'll be missed!) ... love what's happening throughout the system ... I think it's great that the trustees were able to invest that time ... and I so appreciate the incredible people that make St. Joseph's what it is. Thanks for sharing!

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