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Jan 6 2014
Wisdom of Our Elders

This past week my husband and I attended two dinners where we were the "younger generation."

These were friends who have completed careers, raised  families and lived through two wars and several major economic swings. They were in college when Peal Harbor was bombed, and put their lives on hold to volunteer or to enlist. Their wisdom and appreciation for history is remarkable.

It's easy to pass them on the street, or see them in the community and think of their age and not their history. 

The same can happen when they become ill. Often people see their illness and not the unique history of the individual.

St. Joseph's is pursuing  NICHE, Nurses Improving Care for Health System elders, to prepare our organization for the aging wave about to happen in our society. 

Take the time wherever you work, whenever you encounter someone of advanced age, to take a moment to ask about their history. Ask them questions, such as, "What was your work? Did you ever serve in the armed forces? What community did you live in?" Connect with their past and you have connected with what they value in life.

Patient centered care is a core value, and caring for those in the third age of life is essential to our mission of being passionate healers. Thanks for all you do every day to make St. Joseph's reflect those values.


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Betsy Bedigian January 6, 2014 at 01:28 pm

Thank you Kathy for lifting up our senior population and their many contributions to our society. When asked, "what is your story", one cannot help but think of the many elders who have touched our lives and helped us along the way. By showing them patience and caring, we return the gifts given.

Keith Bertrand January 8, 2014 at 10:53 am

I've often though one of the things that defines us as humans is our storys. Sharing them is a great way to connect with people. Usually the older the story the better it is :-)

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