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Dec 23 2013
Families First

My daughter came home on Friday for the holidays and the routine in our house will change substantially for the next week.

We decorated the tree last night with all the ornaments she made as a child. We value those little ceramics and paper Santa's as some of our most important family treasures. We will put the crèche under the tree and all the wise men.

Watching her come home and enjoy those traditions reminds me how important our families are. Whatever those families look like, whoever they include, they provide a grounding for us.

Not everyone has that joy in their lives, and so it's also important for those of us who do, to remember those around us in our communities who are alone, homeless and without food. 

St. Joseph's is raising funds this season for the Salvation Army that lives our values every day in providing safety net services for our community. Keep cleaning out those desks and pockets  and fill the kettles! If you can't find a kettle, drop it off in administration and we will get it to one!

Hayner Hoyt, our construction partner, is matching those funds up to $15,000!  

Thank you for all you do every day for our patients throughout our system, and have a great Christmas and holiday season!


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