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Feb 6 2014
Testimonial from a Former Heart Patient

The following is a special post from a former heart patient, Bob Burns, who not only had an excellent experience at St. Joseph's but now devotes his time to helping other heart patients.

My experience at St. Joseph's as a heart patient was nothing more than exceptional.  I arrived at the hospital on Thursday morning, the day of surgery at 5 a.m.  Although I was nervous I was also confident that everything would go smoothly.  I remember saying to my wife, I'll see you later when they wheeled me into the induction area for final prep before surgery.

Once the anesthesia set in, the next thing I knew, I was in intensive care 12 hours later.  The morning following surgery I had a liquid breakfast and headed down to unit 2-4 by 10:30 am.  Later that day I walked a short distance in the halls but was queasy.  The next two days Saturday and Sunday I was walking around the floor numerous times.  Granted, I felt weak but each day I was feeling stronger.  The nurses and staff were wonderful in each unit that I was in.

By Monday morning, Dr. Marvasti said I could be discharged and I was home by 1 p.m. (only five days in the hospital).  Three weeks after surgery I was walking six miles a day.  Dr. Simons said I recovered so well because I had taken good care of myself and maintained a regular exercise program.

Since then, I became involved with Mended Hearts, Inc., a national organization of former heart patients who visit current cardiac patients in hospitals across the country.  In 2013, the Mended Hearts visiting program at St. Joseph's visited 4,539 patients.


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