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Jul 28 2014
Improving our Community's Health

I finished a book recently called Zero Trends by Dee Edington, written in 2009 about improving health. His premise is we have to create a culture of health and wellness at work and in our community if we ever want to reduce health costs (and our increasing reliance on pills.) He is not talking about those with a genetic or chronic condition, but about most of us.

We need to lose weight, walk more, avoid salt and fried foods, learn to relax and manage stress, avoid toxins in the environment -- things that a pill or a doctor cannot correct, but things we can. It's hard, and it helps to just get started on something. 

In Sunday's paper there was an article about increases in insurance costs, some related to regulation, but much related to increased use by all of us. Employers cannot sustain the continuing increase in health costs, and we must all rethink our culture around wellness. We changed our attitudes towards smoking. It didn't happen over night, but it happened. 

At St. Joseph's we have invested in MyHealth, reimbursement for a number of wellness programs, and health coaching. At  www.thefuntheory.com (watch the piano stair video) Volkswagen and others explore how to change behavior by making it fun. Promoting wellness must become as much of a priority as treating illness.


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