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Nov 4 2013
Our Medical Staff As Leaders

This week I had the opportunity to attend our quarterly medical staff breakfast, a Magnet Pep Rally and spend time in our operating room. In all three encounters I had the opportunity to watch our clinical staff lead.

At the medical staff breakfast physicians presented on SJ Linked, our new electronic health record, quality, infection control and our changing health care environment. These were physician-led presentations and conclusions. Everyone in the room could feel the change in culture.

The nursing leadership has been preparing for our Magnet site visit, focused on our team outcomes, research and improvement of care at the bedside. Their  passion and professionalism for this work is contagious.

Finally, in touring the OR I was reminded of physician and clinical staff leadership on the new bi-planer rooms, OR governance and service lines.

The future of health reform is based in improving quality, safety and reducing unnecessary costs. Those initiatives will be best achieved through the leadership of the physicians, nurses and clinical staff at the front of delivering care across our system . Creating paths for better communications from the primary care physician, to the hospitalist and specialist, to the home care nurse or into the post acute setting will be what improves care and reduces costs.

I was particularly proud to watch the leadership develop this week among these presenters, and have confidence we are on the right path.

Thank you to Dr. B. Sivakumar (Medical Executive Committee) Drs. James Brown, Grant Kelley, and Craig Montgomery (Quality), Dr. Helen Jacobey (Infection Control), Dr. Greg Kenien (SJLinked/EHR), Dr. Sandra Sulik (Quality and Safety) and  Dr. Matthew Picone (ICD-10), Dr. Syed Zaman (OR Governance), Dr. Dawn Brink-Cymerman (By-laws), AnneMarie Czyz, MS, RN, and Joe Bick (Magnet), and Jodi Donahue (OR engagement), as well as our service line leaders:

Maternal/Child: Dr. James Brown, Gael Gilbert, RN

Orthooedic/Spine: Dr. Seth Greenky, Kim Murray, MS, RN 

Cardiac Surgery:  Dr. Randy Green, Diana Farneti, RN, and John Cannizzaro

Invasive Cardiology: Dr. Ronald Caputo, Sarah Tubbert, MS, RN, Diana Farneti, RN, and John Cannizzaro

Vascular: Dr. Syed Zaman, Jodi Donahue, John Cannizzaro

Behavioral Health: Dr. Narayana Reddy, Sarah Tubbert, MS, RN

This physician engagement is allowing us to lay the foundation for the requirements around health reform. They are leading us in examining all that we do, and improving the model.

Now we must turn our attention from continuing to improve performance within our disciplines to improving performance across time, place and discipline - team-focused care using SJLinked as the backbone.

We are ready!


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