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May 5 2013
Celebrating the Nursing Profession

This week we celebrate National Nurses Week, and it's a great time to reflect on where we are as an organization in supporting our nurses. Health care is facing a time of great change, and it's no surprise that nursing as a profession is also asking key questions about its future.

We spend time this week celebrating our nurses through recognition of outstanding individual accomplishments, and thanking them for their leadership on behalf of our patients.

It's not enough to do it once a year, but perhaps is best reflected in our willingness to support the nursing profession as it begins to address policy changes.  In 2011 the IHI issued a report on the Future of Nursing, calling for additional education, practice guidelines and collaboration. Very specifically it means we have to support programs like BSN in 10 (a requirement for RNs to have a BSN in 10 years after graduation). Secondly to support nurses as leaders in a team environment where more access is required and nurses have the skills to help with chronic care management and continuity of care across all settings.

Nurses work as staff from hospitals to medical homes to home care to schools. They are educators, nurse practitioners and researchers. They provide care and compassion, and they are leaders in promoting quality and safety for patients.

It is no wonder that year after year Americans choose nursing as one of the professions that is most trusted . Thank you and happy Nurses Week!


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