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Aug 3 2014
From the Patient's Perspective

Recently I have had two encounters with patients that keep me thinking about patient-centered care. 

One former patient, who is an adviser to St. Joseph's, was hospitalized for several months at a medical center in  another state. He shared with me how difficult a journey he had been on. He described the things that became so important, the conversations with people who delivered meals or cleaned his room, the family and friends who visited. The LPN who always had words that cheered him on. The times he did not have visitors and how lonely he felt. The quality of care was important, but equally important were the relationships.

The second patient shared her story with me this weekend. A nurse who had hip replacement  in another community,  went to rehab, and then found she had a staph infection. It has "changed her life."  I witnessed the sadness that came as she communicated what happened, and how disappointed she was in her experience. How did it happen? "I told people it was not draining, no one listened." It was her perception as a patient that the the lack of relationship led to her poor outcome.

We have committed to Relationship-Based Care at St. Joseph's. We focus our efforts on building trust, leading to great care, excellent hand-offs, and satisfied patients. It's something we talk about every day, and have committed ourselves to it's full implementation.  More information can be found on our website at http://www.sjhsyr.org/relationship-based-care. 

At every new orientation class I ask new employees to live our values and build relationships that put patients in the center of all we do!


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