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Jan 27 2014
Pancakes and Servant Leadership

On Saturday I was part of a group that  makes a free breakfast each month at Assumption Church for the neighborhood. There are businessmen, developers, doctors, and their families who come together and work hard for a few hours. 

We greet, serve and clean up. But most importantly, we look in the eyes of people who are struggling with life. They bring their grandchildren, and their extended families, and for this moment are treated with warmth and dignity.

It's a reminder that we have many people in our community who are barely making it to provide for their families, and those who have achieved success have a responsibility to be servant leaders. It doesn't matter what your faith is, or even if you have a formal church, it's about our neighbors. 

The North side continues to be a  unique community, every faith, many diverse cultures and lots of challenges. At the same time there are lots of opportunities to build community. We continue to support the Northside Urban Partnership, Franciscan Collaborative Ministries, and our Sisters of St. Francis who work at Assumption Church running the Poverello Clinic, a food pantry and free legal clinic. If you are looking to connect with the community and share your time, I encourage you to volunteer at Poverello, or donate to the food pantry, or any community based organization. We have staff on the boards of the Rescue Mission, United Way, Sarah House, Catholic Charities, and Christopher Community.  It's part of the benefit our organization brings to Central New York.

Thanks for all you do with your time to help our community! Our Sisters would say we are living the spirit of St. Marianne Cope.


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