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Aug 11 2014
St. Joseph's Physicians

On Thursday evening the staff of St. Joseph's Physicians held a reception and I had the opportunity to listen to three of their physicians talk about working in a team environment. They described graduating from residency and going into a practice where they were supported by a team, as well as the opportunity they had to learn from each other, and seek advice from the urgent care physicians about cases. They also talked about the importance of being connected  to a broader system, such as St. Joseph's for hospital admissions and care management.

Dr. Julie Colvin and Dr. Jenny Brown described the support they felt not only at work, but for their family life, as well. Dr. Michael Shiano noted the efforts we have made to invest in technology and infrastructure. 

Later I had the chance to talk with our residents about how they will make a decision about where to practice. Clearly being part of a team and system of care was high on their list, along with access to technology.

We are fortunate to have a Family Medicine Residency that has taught us over the years to appreciate the importance of primary care in our system. It was helpful to be reminded about what is important to these graduates. 

We also need to expand loan repayment opportunities in New York State as well as the number of visa exemptions that are granted to Canadian residents and students from abroad. We have an existing shortage of primary care physicians in our region, and this will only get worse with expanded coverage and retirements of doctors.

It was exciting to hear our physicians talk about the value of being in a system of care!


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