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Jul 14 2014
St. Joseph's Physicians Go Live

This week the last part of our system goes live with SJLinked our new electronic medical record (EMR), with the coming on line of St. Joseph's Physicians in Liverpool

The transformation to an integrated EMR across our system, from primary care to acute care to post acute care, will allow us to improve care, improve outcomes and better coordinate care, and reduce repeat testing , thereby decreasing costs of care.

We have made great progress, but have only scratched the surface in understanding the power of this system to improve processes of care. Benefits realization teams are hard at work understanding all the ways we will improve care and streamline work.

Many clinicians have shared with me that it has reduced their rounding time, improved communications, reduced calling and searching for information, and overall improved their ability to see and read the record.

Others have shared the work yet to be done around  streamlining  admissions and discharges, fixing the media tab, and faxing challenges! Lots of people are dedicated to identifying and solving concerns. Thank you to the SJLinked team for all your hard work.

Our patients are responding by enrolling in MySt. Joseph's, and communicating with their physicians through our patient portal.

Special thanks to all the staff who have worked to provide input in design, attend  training, and adopt use of the system. It has been an amazing team effort from admissions to revenue cycle, to clinicians.

Watch for more information throughout the week on the experience of one of our largest primary care practices!

Good luck St. Joseph's Physicians; we will be rounding to hear how it goes! Meantime, your colleagues wish you well in this short video montage.


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Derrick Murry July 14, 2014 at 08:55 am

Kathy, Thank you and the system for all of the support as St. Jospeph's Physicians' Liverpool locations goes live with SJLinked!

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