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St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center

Advancing Excellence

Oct 14 2013
Telling our Story on Teamwork and Nursing Collaboration

I have the best job in the world! The stories I get to hear from patients and families every day make me spring up the steps each morning to support this incredible team.

Yes, we have challenges. We live in a tough environment. New York state is among the lowest states on many financial and quality outcomes. Health reform is a big unknown, and we are in a transitioning market.

But every day at St. Joseph's, people are focused on our mission, vision and values. We will sort out all the strategic issues, but every day we must continue to tell our story in how we care for our patients across this system.

Over the next three weeks we will have several opportunities to share our story. DNV is coming. We have our Magnet site visit, (yeah!) and we expect the Department of Health on a resurvey.

We also will be attending later this week an Economic Champions ceremony held by CenterState CEO where we have been nominated for an award for our economic impact on the community. Wow, lots of opportunity to talk about:

*Our many strengths, including our incredible nursing team that is transforming care through Relationship Based Care and raising the bar on nursing and team collaboration through the Magnet journey.

*The focus on quality, safety and the patient experience. We are engaging our medical staff, patients and employees in raising the bar through use of tools like AIDET and scorecards that track our improvement.

*We are holding ourselves accountable for hand washing, proper cleaning of equipment like glucometers, and providing and collecting patient information on health proxies, DNRs and MOLST forms.

* We are redefining community engagement by expanding access to primary care, improving housing, supporting job training and creating clean, safe public environments. We understand health care must include community engagement if we are going to improve our community's health.

So, over the next few weeks, let our visitors now how much we have accomplished and the ways in which we are demonstrating every day how great the care is that is provided by this team!

Thank you for all you do, and we will continue to work hard on preparing and supporting you for the future!


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Crystal October 14, 2013 at 01:06 pm

Wow congrats to everyone on our nomination from the economic champions group!

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