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Oct 9 2012
Packing - 37 Days til Take-off

I had been receiving e-mails all week that it was getting time to take the final inventory, pack EVERYTHING and prepare it to ship to Panama.

I had heard that volunteers were busy all day Saturday.  My sense is that the job consisted mainly of inventorying supplies, transferring all the supplies into appropriate shipping containers, labeling each container, loading it onto pallets, and wrapping the pallets for transport by truck to the airport.

Apparently what just took me 30 seconds to write, took a dozen people all day on Saturday to complete!    You can imagine the volume.

I had to go on Sunday to see it for myself.

I was told that the storage facility was out in Chittenango, so, armed with an address and my GPS, I set off.  After a few minutes on the road, I knew I was not in Kansas anymore.  

After a few more twists and turns I arrived.

The amount of work that had been done already was incredible.  The storage garages were packed to the top.


Many of the pallets had already been built and wrapped.


Kim Murray gave everyone final instructions….

Occasionally the beverage cart would make an appearance….

And folks were encouraged to select something off the menu….

Although there were no tornadoes in the forecast…..

The weather certainly was not very…cooperative….

At the end of the day most everything was counted, packed, loaded, and wrapped.

As I drove away from the storage facility, I had thought I had had enough Kim Murray to last me for a while….however, this street sign on my way out of town, reminded me that, much like all the planning and details related to this trip…she’s EVERYWHERE!


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