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Oct 2 2013
Tips Up

As I sit here looking out the setting sun in the west, the colorful change of the leaves in the trees, I'm thinking this is the most beautiful time of the year. I've also finished the first round of injuries of the beginning of the school year and the survival of the fittest. I have fixed numerous ACL injuries, meniscal tears, stress fractures, metatarsal fractures, and numerous overuse type injuries.

So what's next , I ask myself.

As a member of the Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists for more than 20 years, as the seasons change I am waiting for the next valley of injuries. Next up, are the winter sports.

Much of this has to do with improper training as anything else. Regardless of the season, most injuries are due to fatigue failure of the bone, muscle,  tendon, or ligaments. Many of you will read this and recall that, yep, it was that last run, that last 10 seconds that got me. I was tired, my legs were weak; I knew it but I just had to play that extra ten minutes.

So, leaves are going to fall pretty soon , the temperature will drop, the earth will be covered in a blanket of white stuff called snow which is slippery, cold, and fun to play in.

Okay be smart, be ready, start training now! Quadriceps strengthening, gluteus strengthening and lateral agility training for skiing, hockey and basketball -- the big three of the winter sports.

Most of the injuries I will see this winter will be from skiing. These are generally fatigue related from untrained and un-strengthened muscle groups.

Start now, go on the Internet look up your sport, look up the training recommendations, and start now.

Yes, some of it is pure accidental, but most of it is due to improper training, lack of endurance and fatigue.

Tips up. Keep them up if your skiing, or, if you like to ice fish, run.

Hope to see you anywhere but my office.






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