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Nov 11 2013
Sally Delaney, faculty

In honor of Veterans Day, observed Nov. 11, we are profiling Veterans who now are on faculty or students of St. Joseph's College of Nursing.

Q:What branch of the service are you affiliated with? What is your highest rank and where have you served? 

I am retired Navy, USNR – Nurse Corps. I served 21 years both active duty and reserve. My highest rank was Commander.

Q: Are you part of a military family, if so, name the members and their affiliation 

I have 2 brothers who also served in the military, both in the Air Force.

Q: Is there anything else you want to share?

I entered the Navy as a commissioned officer. I already had my BS degree and had been practicing as a registered nurse in the civilian community for 6 years before entering the Navy. While in the Navy, I was able to complete my MS in Nursing, with the navy paying for most of my Master’s degree.

It is very unique to be a Nurse in the Navy. First and foremost you are an officer and Nurse Corps officer secondly; therefore you carry the same responsibilities and leadership duties as any of the line officers.  As a nurse in the navy, I was responsible for the training of junior nurses, and corpstaff (enlisted men and women) training them to provide care to military members, out in the battle field, onboard ships, and in mobile hospitals. Being a Navy Nurse also allowed me the unique opportunity to travel, and be part of a very special community, as a Navy member.

I loved my experience in the navy and would highly encourage anyone to have that wonderful experience. 21 years for me, flew by!


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