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Aug 31 2013
Food For Thought

No deprivation!

It’s estimated that over 95% of all people who lose weight on a diet gain it back. Most diets are deprivation diets. We deprive ourselves of our favorite foods. These do not work for several reasons:


  1. Our body fights against them
  2. Our brain fights against them
  3. Our day-to-day environment fights against them


Being deprived is not a great way to enjoy life. Any diet that is based on denying yourself the foods you love is going to be very temporary. When you go “off” the diet, you’re likely going to binge on those loved foods.


Most of us wouldn’t know if we ate 100-200 calories less in a day. That amount of calories could add up to 10-20 lb of weight in a year.  Instead of depriving your self of your favorite foods, try to eat less of your favorite foods.  Instead of having three slices of pizza, have two.  Instead of a medium size ice cream cone, order a small one. 


Ice cream is a favorite in my family all year round but especially in the summer. Would I be able to watch my family eat their ice cream without joining in??  No way!  I order a baby size or a small cone and savor it.  Another tip with ice cream is to buy novelties that are pre-portioned. You have to have a lot of will power to only scoop out a cup of ice cream from that tub. 


You can have your cake (or ice cream…or pizza….or whatever) and eat it too...just eat a smaller piece!




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