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Nov 11 2013
Eric Malcolm, day option, level II

In honor of Veterans Day, observed Nov. 11, we are profiling Veterans who now are on faculty or students of St. Joseph's College of Nursing.

Q: What branch of the service are you affiliated with? What is your highest rank and where have you served?

I have served in the Army on Active Duty and currently am a member of the Army Reserves. While on Active Duty I served as an Infantryman. In the Reserves, I have served as a Chaplain.

Q: Are you part of a military family, if so, name the members and their affiliation.

The only member of my immediately family that has served is my brother who is a former Marine.

Q:  What, if any, experiences in the service prompted you to pursue a nursing degree?

While serving as a Chaplain, my Command Sergeant Major was struck by a motor vehicle while running, and from the time I was notified I spent the next few days in the ICU with the family. I saw the care nurses provided when trying to bring him back, and the support given when it was decided to take him off of the ventilator. I was very touched by the whole process, because I saw that even the strongest men can have something happen so horrifying that they rely on the help of other people.

Q: What unique skills have you gained from serving your country that you can transfer to taking care of patients?

The quick decision making skills and attention to detail required in the military will be very helpful in taking care of nursing patients.

Q: What are the similarities of the service and nursing school?

Cameraderie that forms between classmates is something that is common to all shared experiences. I think that the military has it to a higher degree, but it is definitely something here in nursing school.

Q: What are the differences?

Leadership is approached differently in the Army. Structurally things are done a lot differently. 


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