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Sep 11 2013
St. Joseph's Honored with MOREOB Patient Safety Award

St. Joseph’s recently was honored with the MOREOB National Patient Safety Award, the only site in the United States to achieve such an honor. We have accomplished such a feat essentially because even though we completed the three year program in 2008, it has become engrained in our everyday workflows. We have moved the topics of safety and team work and culture change beyond the Labor and Delivery unit into sites that we touch throughout the hospital system. 

We have continued to meet on a monthly basis with our multidisciplinary approach to ongoing initiatives in our never ending journey to patient safety excellence. We have lab, anesthesia and NICU joining our forces. We have involved our postpartum unit and now look to the future of involving our GYN floor and surgical teams in our journey. We practice together as teams. We learn, we struggle, and we grow together.

We most recently completed a very well enjoyed workshop with our emergency room friends -- nurses, providers, technicians, receptionists and more. What a huge success and the overwhelmingly positive response from the more than 100 people who attended was so exciting to see. Their hunger for such a program is so evident.

We strongly feel this is not just another program. It is THE program. It has changed our culture and we have tested and proven that hypothesis. It works.


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Brenda September 11, 2013 at 01:17 pm

Thanks to this program my life/re productivity was saved. I had a partially retain placenta and huge amounts of blood were lost. My baby girl was placed skin to skin with my husband and I was whisked away for an emergency D&C. The team worked fast and smoothly and I was reunited with my new family within hours to begin nursing relationship. My sister vividly recalls seeing a runner for blood during the whole episode as well as other staff that were appointed specific tasks. I am forever in debt to the midwife, nurses, and doctor who were there for us.

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