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Jul 21 2013
Top 10 Reasons to Be a St. Joseph's Nurse

1.    SJHHC is the ONLY DAISY hospital in Syracuse, NY...

DAISY hospitals recognize and appreciate the COMPASSIONATE care provided by their NURSES.


The GNRP helps new nurses transition from classroom to career. Throughout your first year at SJHHC you attend a series of educational modules that are grouped under four key concepts: communication, stress and coping, coordinating care and professional behaviors.  
3.    SJHHC offers nurses thousands of dollars for tuition assistance

Tuition plans includes Section 127 Educational Assistance Benefit, Tuition Repayment and the Working Condition Fringe Educational Benefit. Both benefits offer substantial financial assistance to RNs for education so you can be the nurse you want to be!


4.    SJHHC is the ONLY hospital with a CLINICAL LADDER program.

RNs are recognized for their advanced education and national certifications. The highest level of the ladder can increase your earnings up to $6,240.00/year.


5.    SJHHC has administrators that CARE about YOU…Their focus is on positive employee relations.

Our Chief Nursing Officer is visible and compassionate about our nurses.



6.    SJHHC has SAFE and INEXPENSIVE PARKING…Only $12.00/month for lot parking.

Parking options are within one to two blocks from the hospital or in the parking garages for additional fees.


7.    SJHHC offers COMPETITIVE wages and benefits packages…

Ample time off, tuition assistance and fair wages in the local market.



Relationship-Based Care (RBC) pertains to the development of relationships with patients, families, co-workers and oneself-in order to provide more wholesome and quality care that meets the needs of all parties involved.


9.    SJHHC offers a family-friendly, learning environment second to none in Syracuse.

10.  And MUCH, MUCH, MORE…

We are confident YOU will want to start your nursing career here with us!

For more information on nursing opportunities, visit our website.


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Patricia Briest July 22, 2013 at 01:40 pm

Another reason: working in a nurturing invironment alongside amazing coworkers and making lifelong friends who you will cherish forever.

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