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Nov 11 2013
Jeffrey Potter, day option, level II

In honor of Veterans Day, observed Nov. 11, we are profiling Veterans who now are on faculty or students of St. Joseph's College of Nursing.

Q: What branch of the service are you affiliated with? What is your highest rank and where have you served? 

United States Air Force; Lieutenant Colonel; Eastern Air Defense Sector - Rome, NY, Joint Air Defense Operations Center - Washington D.C., National Capital Region Command Center - Herndon VA, 108th/113th Air Control Squadrons - N. Syracuse NY, 102nd Air Control Squadron - N. Smithfield RI, Tyndall AFB - Panama City FL, Luke AFB - Phoenix AZ, Maxwell AFB - Montgomery AL, Peterson AFB - Colorado Springs CO, McChord AFB - Tacoma WA, Edwards AFB - Rosamond CA, Incerlic AB Turkey, Bitburg AB Germany, All over the Caribbean in the War on Drugs, and Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX.

Q: Are you part of a military family, if so, name the members and their affiliation. 

My father is a retired USAF Master Sergeant, my nephew is completing his senior year of US Army ROTC at Bryant University and will enter active duty next summer, my kid brother received an appointment to the US Air Force Academy, attended 2 years, then decided to leave when he found out he no longer met the vision requirements required for flight training.

Q: What unique skills have you gained from serving your country that you can transfer to taking care of patients?

Multi-tasking; working in a fast-paced, high-stress, real-time environment; attention to detail; teamwork; Crisis/Conflict management; communications skills; leadership/organizational skills; followership skills, and Service

Q: What are the similarities of the service and nursing school?

Task orientation, time management, accountability, and teamwork

Q: What are the differences?

For me, my personal transition from being somewhat autonomous, in a high level leadership/staff role to a student just beginning his career.  Also, going from a technical/operational environment to a technical/biological science based environment.  Also, a well-defined caste system and hierarchical structure

Q: Is there anything else you want to share?

I am very enthusiastic about making the decision to pursue the nursing profession and every day presents unique challenges on many different levels that I embrace.  As Mr. Galletti likes to say "use it or lose it," I feel this way about lifelong education and commitment to learning and in this profession, it is requisite.


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