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Oct 30 2013
Reflections from a St. Joseph's Employee

I have been an employee at St. Joseph's for several years now in a couple of different positions, both clinical and non-clinical. When asked about working for St. Joseph's I have always said that we are incredibly rich as an institution when it comes to our human capital. The people here make St. Joseph's an incredible place to work. Every job has its highs and lows, but when you work somewhere full of people you know you can count on, or who stop in your office every day to check on you, or who force you to smile in spite of yourself… the lows don’t seem so low and the highs are even higher. I am reminded every day when I walk the halls what a wonderful place it is to work. I cannot make it from one end of a hallway to another without someone saying “hello” or “good morning” and making direct eye contact. Having worked in other facilities I know the rarity of such a culture, and I am grateful for such.


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