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Oct 17 2013
Sisters Serving St. Joseph's

St. Joseph’s was founded in 1869 when five Sisters of St. Francis transformed a dance hall and saloon into a 15-bed hospital. For years the sisters could be seen on the floors working as nurses, technicians and administrators. Even though St. Joseph’s is still sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis, one may think that the sisters are no longer a presence here. They would be wrong. 

Although officially “retired” from Saint Joseph’s, several Sisters are still giving service to their beloved hospital.

Almost sixty years ago, Sister Mary Obrist began her work as an X-ray technician eventually serving as a Vice President for Facilities and Development.  Familiar with every nook and cranny of the hospital complex, Sister Mary is currently serving as a consultant for the many completed and on-going hospital projects such as the redesigned lobby, the new emergency department and the new surgical suites and patient tower.

Sister Mary Constance Gibbons, former Director of Central Sterile Services is now assisting visitors in variousareas throughout St. Joseph’s, mainly in the first floor Surgical Waiting Room and on the fifth floor Maternity Unit.

Sister Jane Patrick Lubey who initiated the patient advocate program in the emergency department is now serving in the Spiritual Care department. With her expertise as a registered nurse and as a former Vice President at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Utica, NY, Sister is aware of the needs of many who seek healing.  With her gentle manner and quiet listening skills Sister’s prayers and presence is of great worth.

Sister Stella Maris is well known by the many visitors she greets as they enter the lobby of St. Joseph’s. Sister was the Principal at Bishop Ludden High School, President of Maria Regina College, worked in the Marriage Tribunal for the Diocese of Syracuse and served as director of the Food Pantry of Assumption Parish. At St. Joseph’s Sister welcomes the families of our patients and brings comfort and affirmation to the employees.

Next time, we will feature more sisters who minister at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center.


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