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Jul 30 2013
Trouble Sleeping? You Are Not Alone

Are you tired and sleepy most days? Do you snore, or wake up most mornings with a headache? You could be one of more than 40 million Americans suffering with sleep apnea. The disorder causes your body to stop breathing during sleep. Tissues in the back of the throat collapse and block the airway, stopping air from getting into the lungs. Blockage of the airway can happen a few times a night or several hundred times a night. Nearly 90 percent of people with sleep apnea remain undiagnosed.

Waking up frequently at night is another possible sign of sleep apnea, as well as difficulty concentrating, memory loss, high blood pressure, snoring and experiencing a choking sensation during the night. A16 inch or greater neck in women and 17 inch or larger neck in men is also a risk factor for sleep apnea. 

Left untreated, sleep apnea (not breathing regularly or effectively) can have a severely negative effect on your life and health. Via a sleep study, we can help diagnose sleep apnea, determine the cause and help you with accessing treatment.  For more information on how a sleep study is conducted, visit our sleep laboratory page.

Our three sleep laboratories – including our newest $1.3 million facility, which includes a 16-bed sleep center with hotel-like amenities – are fully equipped with the newest equipment and techniques to diagnose sleep apnea. Staffed by certified sleep technicians and registered respiratory therapists who operate high-tech sleep technology, we have performed nearly 38,000 procedures and evaluated more than 20,000 patients for Obstructed Sleep Apnea and other respiratory conditions.

Our staff of medical professionals can assist with treatment options. Visit our newest location in Liverpool at the North Medical Center campus on Janus Park Drive (315-218-9804) or our East Genesee Street Location (315-475-3379), or our Northeast Medical Center site (315-329-7378). Call for more information, or to schedule a free tour.


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