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Aug 28 2013
Walk This Way

*This blog post was written in collaboration with Pamela Kennedy.

“I love to walk along the pathways of Caritas Park looking at the inscriptions on the bricks and benches.  I pause to think about the people they were purchased to honor or memorialize. I always stop at one special brick: my mother’s, which was purchased in her memory through the kindness of my co-workers who made donations in her name. It gives me a connection to her at my workplace and while I stand at her brick I recall fond memories of my mother. I return to my office feeling peaceful and grateful that Caritas Park is a part of my work environment.” 

-Loretta Quigley, M.S.,R.N., Academic Dean, College of Nursing.

There are hundreds of bricks throughout the walkways in honor or in memory of a loved one, a friend, a colleague, a physician or special caregiver. It is not unusual for an entire department to be recognized on a brick or to purchase a brick for a co-worker. The walkways are enjoyed by our staff and visitors alike. They offer a quiet spot to relax and allow one the opportunity to honor someone in perpetuity. We have one particular hospital supporter who has purchased eight bricks for family members and friends. “There is no better way to memorialize those I love than to have a brick engraved in their recognition. It is a permanent tribute located at a place that caring is always foremost”


Once the long Syracuse winter ends, the park-like areas usher in spring with flower gardens, grassy, tree lined areas and employees and visitors taking a few moments to sit and meditate, chat with co–workers, finish a phone conversation or eat their lunch in the sunshine.

Many of you have strolled through the walkways, enjoyed a sunny day on one of the benches or perhaps purchased a brick or bench in someone’s honor – maybe you even have a bench or brick with your name on it. For those of you who are not familiar with the Walkways of Caring there are four distinct areas:


  • St. Francis Garden located by the front of the hospital
  • Walk of Valor at the flagpole – paying tribute to veterans, reservists and active military personnel
  • Caritas Park located in front of the College of Nursing – a perfect spot to celebrate a compassionate nurse
  • St. Joseph’s Circle around the St. Joseph’s The Worker statue


Each brick and bench has its own story. In the next year or so there will be additional opportunities to honor someone with a bench, a brick and even a tree in new areas of Phase II B of the expansion.


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