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Aug 17 2013
After A Heart Attack: What Now?

Research has shown that people who have heart problems are most likely to be helped by cardiac rehabilitation. In fact, a recent scientific study showed that people who complete a cardiac rehabilitation program have a 26% decrease in cardiac death compared to those who do not participate. Those patients who are considering a “rehab program” may be referred by their doctors post-coronary bypass surgery, angioplasty with stent, heart attack, valve surgery, and stable angina. Your insurance, including Medicare, usually covers most if not all the cost of the program.

 St. Joseph’s Hospital has a comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program that is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Located our north campus in Liverpool on Janus Park Drive, our dedicated staff of health care professionals work with physicians to offer an effective program that includes monitored exercise and classes on heart healthy eating, smoking cessation, stress management and relaxation techniques, as well as teching how  medications work. Each participant has a program tailored to their individual needs. A physician referral is necessary to participate. For more information or to schedule a free tour call 315-458-7171.


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