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Jul 11 2011
Joint Replacement Materials: What's In An Implant?

The future evolution of joint replacement materials promises to bring newer materials with hopes of longer implant life and less wear characteristics.  One example of new technology advancement is a hybrid metal-ceramic material.  Through special manufacturing conditions, the surface of the metal material can be converted to ceramic which results in an implant with the favorable characteristics of both metal and ceramic.  More discoveries of this nature are undoubtedly on the horizon.  Long term clinical studies are essential to prove that any improvements in materials actually lead to longer lasting implant life with improved outcomes.


Joint replacement surgery is currently a highly successful procedure resulting in exceptional outcomes.  There is no combination of materials that works best in all joints for all patients.  Your surgeon will determine the implant materials that are are optimal for your individual situation. 

For more information about this topic, watch YNN, Ch. 10 news on Saturday, July 16th to hear Dr. Brett Greenky discuss implant materials used in hip and knee replacement surgery.


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