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Aug 26 2013
Balance and Wellness

Occasionally someone will ask me what I do besides work, or how many hours do I spend at work.  I always think behind that question is, "do you do anything else?" 

Simply, I do. My family is my first priority and that comes in many shapes in a big family, from calls, to parties, to doctor contacts.

Another priority is my gardens.  I suspect because they are quiet, except for some very noisy hummingbirds this year, they are deeply satisfying. This one is butterfly and hummingbird garden with a few fairy houses.

It's not as carefully weeded as it once was, but that's OK. The birds spend no time on the ground. They want nectar, and water and shade. I love collecting flowers as they change, and watching the many birds that wander through.

This week we announced some changes to our MyHealth program, and I encourage all our colleagues to examine the new program, and see what it has to offer.

In this fast paced health environment, we all need to pay attention to balance and wellness if we want to make it for the long term. Some days we will do better than others, but the point is to keep trying.  Find ways that work for each of us based on our time and family commitments.

Whether its gardening, reading, walking, or hiking, find something to balance the great work you do for others. 

Thank you for caring for our patients and for each other.


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Ann Ferro August 26, 2013 at 01:05 pm

The middle way is always the best, except when it's not. There lies the art of life. Knowing the difference and accepting that it exists.

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