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St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center

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Feb 10 2014
Caring for the Team

This week a manager and director wrote to tell me about our colleagues' response to an incident on a unit. The details of what happened are not my focus, but the response of the organization is.

Employees were upset and hurting, and spiritual care, quality, employee experience, human resources and our leaders responded.

The manager said, "It is genuinely touching to know that we have the support of so many hospital leaders when we experienced a painful situation.  I am blessed to be among them."

We have a number of programs available for the aftermath of the hard issues we sometimes experience in health care. Peer defusing is employed by our nursing staff to gather the team and discuss the emotions and ways to handle tragedy. Schwartz Center Rounds take a topic each month and gather the caregivers to present how we deal with issues and discuss the ways in which they affect us all. Spiritual care keeps us grounded in our mission and values, and through simple rituals and reflections helps us remember why we are passionate healers. All over the organization we use a variety of ways to manage stress from massage therapy, to pet therapy, music and exercise.

Do we always respond the way we should in every situation? No. But we are all learning from the times we don't, and building on the experiences when we do. Thank you for caring for our patients, and for caring for each other.


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